Yoga pants malfunction 2018

The middle of the work week is the worst, hopefully this hump day post will get you through the day. There have been many great inventors throughout history, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Alexander Graham Bell or even , the inventor of the Toaster Strudel. None of their groundbreaking inventions can even compare to the greatest invention of all times, Yoga Pants.

Yoga Pants are a type of flexible, form-fitting pants designed for the practice of yoga as well as other activities that involve a lot of movement, bending and stretching. Some of the other activities include: martial arts, dancing, Pilates, aerobics, etc. These pants are generally made of cotton, spandex, nylon, polyester or a light and stretchy synthetic material. They are usually tight-fitted, colored black, and have an elastic waistband folded over at the top. Although designed specifically for yoga, the pants are also casually worn by women in daily life.

Yoga Pants were originally invented by Professor Genius, a simple man who developed a material based off of Spandex which became popular in the 1950’s. Knowing the internet would one day be full of hot women, he designed a colorful and sometime see-through material that when places on a fit woman would make her backside look glorious. Now hot women all over the world are familiar with this great product and have made it a part of their daily attire.

Below is a tribute to Yoga Pants and Professor Genius, thank you for changing the world for the better……


Are you a fan of Yoga Pants? Have some better shots? Send them over, I will feature them in the next post!

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