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At 13:29, Aug 17, 2019


Thanks! My guess is that’s not a title that’d shake out as very high prio for an urgent investigation/update/etc, given that not many folks are reading it. Though hopefully more will now that you’ve changed the name! I added a techupdate tag, so hopefully someone will fix it via that avenue, and if it does grow in interest now, hopefully we’ll gef some felling feedback via Helpfulnwss and the Tech Feedback tool. Anyway, just thinking out loud really - thanks for the name change and heads-up!

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Thanks for defending wikiHow!
Thanks for helping with Recent Changes Patrol.
Your hard work is appreciated!

At 01:43, Aug 22, 2019


At 12:56, Aug 22, 2019


welcome! keep it up!

At 04:31, Sep 01, 2019


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At 17:14, Sep 03, 2019


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At 14:11, Sep 11, 2019


Def, thanks! Our category edit (one of them) did take in the end but I see what you mean about the erro/timeout. I’ll do some more testing and digging on it - thanks!

At 21:21, Sep 11, 2019


Yeah, it had us all a little mystified actually, hah. We "fixed" it in the end by deleting and then resurrecting the topic (thereby giving it a new page ID), after lots of other troubleshooting to see if anything else worked... but Reuben is curious whether it's happening anywhere else, so if you do spot it again, can you send over the page? Thanks for always keeping a good eye out for funkiness...!

At 21:29, Sep 11, 2019


I know - just when you think you've seen it all! An odd one for sure.

Yeah, hopefully it'll just never happen again. And in the meantime, keeps Reuben awake at night, hah. But he'd definitely want to know if we spot that kind of issue in lots of places! Thanks, and a happy Wednesday to you, time traveler  :)

At 02:15, Sep 12, 2019


Hahahaha, classic :D

At 03:37, Sep 12, 2019


Ah thank you! Will do some dup searching and ponder possibilities.

At 22:48, Sep 12, 2019



I'm not really worried about this, at least not in any immediate way... But if we want the category to be "just right", I'm totally fine with us changing it (and can help shifting). Just let me know if you decide to, now or in due course, and I'd be happy to lend a hand. The titles themselves... eh, I'm even less worried. We can fix gradually, or not, and readers shall still learn things, space or no space :)

At 00:52, Sep 13, 2019


Hi Felicity! How are you doing? It has been some time since we last talked. I am enjoying my classes. Getting ready to read chapter 5 of my psychology book; it is very interesting! I get to read about dreams. Everything is good and busy! :) Adelaide

At 07:09, Sep 13, 2019


At 09:00, Sep 13, 2019


At 09:14, Sep 13, 2019


That sounds great. All the best for all the wirk ahead. And thanks. :)

At 09:16, Sep 13, 2019


And I might change it soon because it's from someone else's page. As soon as I figure how to do that, I'll change it. I love it too. :)

At 14:07, Sep 13, 2019


Haha my thoughts pretty much exactly! Yep let me know when or if I can help in due course, but I’m losing no sleep over it :)

At 04:44, Sep 14, 2019


Hi Felicity, thank you, glad your garden has grown. Thanks I will definitely keep writing, Adelaide

At 19:53, Sep 20, 2019


Hello Felicity,

I was patrolling recent and and changed some windows full screen article's category to 'Window Screens' and it turned out to be the windows in houses.

I can't find a suitable category for these articles. And if you ask, I'll say yes, we have min 5 articles pertaining to full screen. Can you help with a temporary category for these two - and Minimize a Full Screen Computer Program articles.

I am sorry about the trouble. And, thanks to you, I'm deciding to get over the guilt of using someone else's raining gif and keeping it. :)

At 09:02, Sep 21, 2019


Hello Felicity,

Thanks for taking the category request into consideration. I'll place them in Computers and Electronics. That seems like a good fit. And henceforth, I'll stick to the parent category instead of worrying about what to do.

Your assistance greatly helped. Thank you so much. I hope you reach your desired goal with whatever you are busy with.

Happy wikiHowing. (I like your talkpages appearance too. It is so simple and impactful just like you). :)

At 01:53, Sep 23, 2019


Hi! nice to meet you

At 02:11, Sep 23, 2019


yes i am

At 07:37, Sep 23, 2019


At 08:57, Sep 23, 2019


Did it. Wow there are so many in-depth names in the tree. There is Emotional Pain AND there is Feeling Left Out. Wow. This is really vast. Kudos to you and others with you who manage and maintain this tree - starting from a plant, growing so strong and going far and wide.

At 12:31, Sep 26, 2019


At 07:51, Sep 27, 2019


hi im new and confused

At 01:08, Sep 28, 2019


At 01:10, Sep 28, 2019


No problem ;)

At 12:08, Sep 28, 2019


Aww. Hi Felicity,

It appears all the articles I started are getting categorized in the right category now, Reward Yourself being the latest one. Thanks so much for it.

I hope to edit my articles. I have so much to do in them like adding resources, fleshing out the steps etc. I heard it was easier to make and publish articles earlier but wikiHow is tightening up its rules, making it more and more credible, which is so great because I as an editor and reader am finding more faith in our brand wikiHow. :)

May I ask what you like the most about wikiHow? That you are a veteran, I feel curious to know. I love the freedom of expression and friendliness. :)

At 14:31, Sep 30, 2019


how are you doing????

At 15:10, Sep 30, 2019


I am doing well other than my braces.

At 21:54, Sep 30, 2019


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At 00:31, Oct 01, 2019


Hello sir, I'd like to know how to insert my own video I've created to my article I'd like to know how I can possibly add my video link to the article as a clickable direct link, or any form of way to send the user to my video? Thanks.

At 00:34, Oct 01, 2019


Indeed will! Thanks.

At 00:35, Oct 01, 2019


Change of plans apparently she's inactive until tomorrow, I'll wait on it. I'm busy on something else either.

At 18:18, Oct 01, 2019


Hey. Thank you for the thumbs up.

At 07:32, Oct 05, 2019


At 07:49, Oct 05, 2019


At 21:58, Oct 05, 2019


Many congratulations on the beautiful barnstar, Felicity! :) You heartily deserve it.

At 00:53, Oct 06, 2019


Hmm ya, added during Patrol a few years back... don’t know what they were going for... maybe cleanup or demotion? But thanks, I think I’ll remove it!

At 01:11, Oct 06, 2019


Haha ya no worries. If it was, I don’t know it either!

At 19:01, Oct 07, 2019


Hi Felicity, thanks for giving me another thought! I haven't taken a walk in my neighborhood for some time, but I do think I need to! Our weather has cooled off. Best!! Adelaide

At 13:48, Oct 11, 2019



Thanks for editing my article “Retain Self Esteem During Unemployment”, and changing the categorization. My preoccupation with work doesn't allow me time to write for wikiHow.

However, it is nice to see you guys still sticking around with @Jack Herrick and helping him take wikiHow to newer heights every moment of the day, everyday. Keep the good working. All the best,


At 23:06, Oct 12, 2019


Hmm it doesn’t look like that’s a universal change for all those topics - the company called Square Inc makes several products, including the Cash app (formerly known as Square Cash), but also others known under other names (eg Square Point of Sale, formerly Square Register; Square Payroll; etc). Wikipedia has a decent rundown: . - so it’s a bit of a mishmash in there, in all likelihood.

At 23:12, Oct 12, 2019


Square Wallet doesn’t exist anymore though, so I marked several of those historical. So it’s possible there aren’t enough indexed topics to even really merit a category of its own there - just mentioning in case it’s below the threshold!

At 23:24, Oct 12, 2019


I don’t really know anything about them either, honestly, other than what I just read on Wikipedia. But I asked Chris for you- he says we should err on the side of simplifying in tech areas where things change a lot, so yeah I’d probably house them in the broader category instead, in this case.

At 23:58, Oct 12, 2019


Cool, that sounds like a plan! Thanks for the category cleanup, as always.

Not sure on title changes but happy to look more in due course. If you have an easy to copy/paste list, would you mind sending it to me via email? I can browse better when I’m working at my computer next week. These things are easy to lose on my talk page. But no worries on not moving them yourself - I get that title changes aren’t part of your flow right now :)

At 00:06, Oct 13, 2019


No prob at all - the tech stuff is always a rabbit hole, hah.

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