Tumblr summer photography 2018

The art of the selfie and OOTD is no joke. It can take hundreds of photos to find the perfect picture, and we’ve all been there. Below we are seven easy tricks and tips to take your Instagram game to the next level. Ever wonder how the pros make a simple selfie or iPhone photo look bomb.com? The key tricks are with lighting, angles and even a filter or two.

Lighting is Key

Turn towards a window or light, or even go outside. Good lighting can make shadows and under-eye circles completely disappear. The best time of day to shoot is during “golden hour”—it’s during sunrise or sunset, tumblr when the light is low and looks almost golden.

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Sometimes, Consider Flash

Natural light should be your go-to when taking a good selfie, but when that’s not an option, you can use flash. Maybe you’re inside a dark room, poorly light-bathroom or it’s already nighttime, our flash hack is with Snapchat. You can use the front-facing camera flash feature. Save the photo to your camera roll and edit from there!

Find the Prime Background

Avoid photo-bombers, distracting backgrounds or harsh back-lighting. The best selfies or OOTD pics have interesting, yet simple backgrounds and the primary focus is all on you.

Choose The Not-So-Obvious Reflection and Composition

Play around with dressing-room mirrors, take a seat, trying cropping the photo, etc. This will instantly elevate your picture and take your feed to the next level.

Know Your Angles

OOTD pictures is a time for you to ditch your “better side” and play up the angles and cut of the clothing. If your pants have a cool side seam detailing, shoot the picture as a profile, bend your arm or leg to play up a silhouette or pivot your shoulders to play up the back. The slightest movements and angles of the camera and your body can take your OOTD from standard bathroom mirror pic to your most liked insta photo.

When in Doubt, Add a Filter

We love a classic Instagram filter as much the next person, but apps like VSCO, Facetune, Snapseed and Darkroom can completely transform a smartphone picture. You can also cool vintage effects with Afterlight or 8mm Vintage Camera.

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Practice Makes Perfect

We don’t know a single person who has taken just one selfie or OOTD and been okay with it. Try and try again. Try different locations, backgrounds, lighting, editing, etc. until you find your perfect photo.

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