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When you need music clearance, you need it done fast, you need it done affordably, and you need it done right. The first time. Every time. That's what dmg, inc. is all about.

If you've ever tried to track down a record or publishing company, you know it is a daunting task. dmg's staff is expert at negotiating the music clearance minefield, and is seriously committed to giving your project top priority.

  • Resourceful
  • Timely
  • Thorough
  • Determined

Those words describe dmg's clearance staff. We leverage our abundant industry contacts to bring you the excellent service for which we're famous.


QUICK QUESTIONS & GUIDANCE IS ALWAYS FREE, but if you need DMG to start doing research or charts we charge a minimum rate of 0 for the first hour and 0 for each additional hour thereafter.

PAYMENT for DMG’s Stage 1 services are required prior to commencement. We make this very easy by offering PayPal (plus a 3.1% service fee), credit card payments (plus a 5.1% service fee), direct deposit (ACH), wire transfer or check. If you pay by check or bank wire, we must receive payment before we can begin the clearance process. All International wire transfers will incur a USD bank fee.

Publishing and Master Recording clearances are separate clearances



5 to clear publishing
5 to clear master

  • Consultation
  • Research of all applicable titles
  • Formal submission of requests
  • Negotiation of fees and terms
  • Timely and regular follow-up to obtain quotes
  • Upon receipt of terms and fees, dmg, inc. will forward all applicable information to client for their review and approval

(commences after quotes are secured and client has approved fees)
5 to wrap up publishing
5 to wrap up master

  • Generate deal memos / confirmation letters
  • Generate label copy
  • Request formal license agreements
  • Traffic all agreements and payments
  • Delivery of closed file(s) to client.


0 for publishing
0 for master  

If you have released a song with a sample and have received a claim for the infringed copyright our fees are as follows

,500 per song


0 per song for each stage: Feature Films, TV, Video, Interactive/Multimedia (i.e. 5 per side for projects under 3 songs)

Commercials – Service Fees Available Upon Request


One Time Flat Fee Services Available Upon Request.

Why flat fees? That's dmg's guarantee to you, our client, to finish the projects we start, no matter what it takes to get your project closed on time. We don't nickel and dime you... and we don't give up on a clearance or project.

The hard truth about this business is that sometimes a particularly difficult clearance comes along that takes two weeks, to as much as six months, to get done. At dmg, we've got your back. If you were paying hourly, it could run hundreds of dollars for a single clearance. That's why we go with a flat fee. To save you the hassle. To save you the bucks.

Please feel free to give us a call, or email us, if you need to know more. dmg is confident that we can fill your music clearance needs. We're here to get the job done for you.


Deborah Mannis-Gardner

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