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Data mine field

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  • Tue 15th May 2018

Hackers love a good data mine, with the naughty practice often revealing unreleased content or incoming feature not yet made public by a game's developer. One recent deep dive into 's code has unearthed a set of costumes that were completed, but never officially released into the full game.

These include an awesome super cute outfits tumblr 2018 zombie costume, a racing costume (and helmet) and a full 8-Bit Mario costume. There's also a Conductor set and a Santa set for the holiday season. None of these costumes ever saw the light of day, and while we can understand Nintendo getting cold feet on an undead theme, the 8-Bit one would suit SMO perfectly.

news2-1.pngnews2-2.png news2-3.pngnews2-4.png

Let us know what you tumblr make of these unreleased costumes below. Would you have used them if they were included in the full game? Share your take below...

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