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I don’t frequently talk about my love of Taylor Swift on Gurl, since it’s something that many people have very strong opinions about. Some people love her, a lot of people hate her, and I don’t like being attacked for things on the internet too often. But, I think we can all safely admit that she’s pretty effing successful, and many of her looks are super recognizable. And, TBH, that makes for

The thing about Taylor is that she’s had a lot of “eras,” AKA periods of her life when she’s worn different styles and clothes. This makes each Taylor so much different than the next. It also means that there are so many elaborate and amazing costumes that you can wear if you want to channel your inner Tay this year for Halloween. Sure, you could just be a blonde with a guitar, or you could go for a Zombie Taylor look. It’s up to you!  Check out these DIY Taylor Swift costumes that you will totally want to try this year.

Reputation Taylor

The album isn't even out yet, but these fans go hard. For a "Reputation" look, have your hair in messy curls and a mesh top. That's really all we know about that album right now anyway.Source

Zombie Taylor

I'm sure the zombie version of Taylor's past selves will be a popular costume this year, since it's spooky and easy. Wear a blue dress then go all out with some zombie makeup for an easy costume idea.

1989 Taylor

The "1989" cover is pretty iconic, and will make for great photo ops for you and your friends. Use a piece of cardboard or poster board to cut out a square to be the "Polaroid" then write TS 1989 on it. You're all set!

Blank tumblr Space Costume

The music video for "Blank Space" basically just had Taylor parodying herself as a crazy lady who get obsessed with men. This costume is easy: all you need is a black tank, black robe, and a sleeping mask. Bonus points if you carry a fake knife and some cake.

Blank Space Costume

This was a hilarious look from the "Blank Space" video that featured Taylor in an elaborate leopard print dress with mascara running down her face. Goals, TBH.

Bad Blood Costume

There were a ton of bad ass ladies in the "Bad Blood" music video, and this is probably my favorite look. All you need is  a studded bra, some high-waisted shorts and intense eyeliner. You will look fab.

Bad Blood Squad

If you and all your BFFs want to dress together this year, try to be the "Bad Blood" squad. It's easy and perfect for a group of bad ass girls. Basically, all you need to do is wear black and look fierce.

Taylor's Ex Lovers

You and your pals can be a collection of Taylor and her famous exes. I know that I am sick of hearing everyone bash Taylor for how many boys she's dated, this costume is just pretty cute.

Shake It Off Cheerleader Costume

Tay's "Shake It Off" music video featured Taylor wearing a lot of different costumes, but the most popular one was probably her cheerleader costume. It's easy to make and really effing cute. Wear a blue skirt and white crop top with the letters "TS" and you're good to go!

Shake It Off Squad

Have you and your BFFs dress as different versions of Taylor from her "Shake It Off" Video. It's creative and cute, and super easy to pull off.

Red Taylor

"Red" is definitely my favorite Taylor album, and this look is pretty iconic. It's easy to pull off - all you need is a blonde wig, some black clothes, a hat, and read sunglasses. Bonus points if you have a microphone!

22 Taylor Shirt

Honestly, I consider doing this costume every year. It's super easy and I identify a lot with the message, TBH. Taylor's real shirt from the "22" music video was probably hunderds of dollars, but you can easily DIY your own.

Kanye And Taylor

I don't like to bring studded high waisted shorts tumblr photo this back since it was a messy time for all of us, but this is a costume that would be pretty recognizable.

You Belong With Me

This is another easily recognizable costume, and Tay wore this shirt again in her most recent music video, so it's still relevant today. Decorate a plain white t-shirt with names and the words "Junior Jewels" and pair it with some sweatpants. Comfy!

Fearless Taylor

Remember when Tay was country with her guitars and fancy dresses? This is an easy look to pull off, too. Curl your hair and add some cowboy boots for a 2008-inspired look.

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