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Teen fashion — it’s notoriously hard to keep up with and 2018 is no different. Knowing how to dress trendy for every season can be a challenge, and that’s why we’ve put together a spring teen fashion guide to help you know which pieces your kids will want to be rocking this spring and summer.

For the Girls:

Two elements will be key for girls’ fashion this spring and summer: simplicity and comfort.
Girls can keep up with trends with these cute but casual teen outfits including some of the best spring boots and fashion accessories of 2018.

  • Sundresses – A classic favorite for spring or summer girls can’t go wrong with. Sundresses with splashy floral patterns are all the rage this year and look great paired with sandals or lace-up canvas shoes.
  • Cardigans – Not just a winter staple! Cardigans are perfect for those colder spring days. A simple neutral-colored cardigan is sure to dress up a plain t-shirt and high-waisted denim shorts.
  • Laced-Up Neutral Tees – A sophisticated but comfortable look is what these shirts are all about. They’re extremely versatile and can be paired with skirts or any cut of denim.
  • Hats – For an easy way to add an extra element to any outfit, hats are your answer. Be on the lookout for straw hats, bucket hats, and denim baseball hats.
  • Loose Shorts – Cute meets comfort when it comes to loose shorts. These billowy shorts are loosely designed to the point where they resemble skirts, and they can be found in a variety of styles ranging from dressy to sporty. Whatever look you’re going for, there’s a pair of loose shorts that will be the perfect fit.

For the Guys:

Guys will also be focused on stylish comfort this season. Be on the lookout for these pieces, including some of the best shoes for teenage guys this spring and summer!

  • Canvas & Boat Shoes – Neutral colored lace-up canvas or boat shoes are perfect for casual spring days and can make an excellent addition to any spring outfit regardless of the weather.
  • Button Down Collared Tees – A step above the average tee, these shirts are classy yet comfortable enough for warm spring days. They look especially trendy with chino shorts and can be classed up even more with a sports jacket if need be.
  • Chino Shorts – Casual but stylish, chino shorts should be an essential item for any teen guy’s wardrobe. Pair with canvas shoes or boat shoes for a great spring look!
  • Desert Boots – Definitely a wise option to keep around for chillier days, desert boots are a trendy shoe for those going for a hip and outdoorsy look. They are best paired with neutral colored denim pants.
  • Heathered Tees – Both casual and comfortable, heathered tees are a classic staple in any guy’s wardrobe. They look great paired with chino shorts (or any denim bottom!).

Get Stylin’

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