South asian wedding trends for bridals 2018

Undoubtedly South Asian weddings trends are becoming more fusion with couples moving away from traditional ideas and infusing their celebrations with more non-traditional wedding elements. But how much are they changing? , yes every South Asian’s favorite shopping spot, just released their 2018 Wedding Survey Highlights (sampled from ALL types of weddings in the US), and the results are in: 83% of couples are tossing traditional elements aside while one in three couples are planning non-traditional weddings. So naturally we asked a few of our brides and bridal professionals what’s happening with South Asian weddings? Here’s how SA weddings stack up.

  • Marshalls Survey Finding: One in three couples are planning non-traditional weddings and 83% are tossing traditional elements aside if they are not meaningful to them.

Wedding planner Meghna Trivedi of says, “Many of my brides are planning fusion weddings with non-traditional factors. I think it’s because couples today are more assimilated and also, tend to have friends from different ethnic backgrounds. They aren’t necessarily getting rid of traditional, but are making them more fusion so that everything is fun and easy flowing.” With her 11 years of experience as a wedding planner, Meghna adds, “Gone are the days of reds, yellows, silver and golds. Today couples are asking for more pastels and blush tones. They are also doing different things like having a variety of cuisines, specialty food trucks as well as cupcake bars and cigar bars.” Find out more

Photographer Sy Yaqeen of agrees, “I have been photographing weddings for 17 years, and these days, more of my couples are mixed and include parts from both sides both religiously and culturally. A lot of these couples are stepping away from super traditional elements so that the wedding is more inclusive of all their guests. The ceremonies are usually shorter, and they make sure that everyone is comfortable and not feeling out of place or overwhelmed.” Check out this wedding for fun surprises.

  • Marshalls Survey Finding: 42% are even forgoing the long-held tradition of registries altogether and of those registering, 39% of couples who have a registry, still want to be surprised.

Though registries were once popular, more and more South Asian couples are forgoing registries altogether. This may be because many couples are now getting married once they have started a career or are already co-habitating, and it may also be that couples today are opting to spend the cash on things like their honeymoon or saving it to purchase household items from different stores, both online and at physical locations.

Tejal Kamat of says with her nine years of experience, “Today, majority of couples are forgoing the registry completely and are actually stating on their invites ‘No Boxed Gifts’ which translates to cash. A smaller few are asking for donations to their favorite charity as well.” But she warns, “with that much cash floating around the wedding, it’s easy for some of it to go missing. We suggest for families to designate one family member to watch over the cash box, keeping it with them at all times. As part of our planning package, we include the gifting box so that no one but a family member has access to open it and that helps with keeping theft down.”

Even though couples may not be registering, they are still shopping, and off-price stores like Marshalls remains popular because of the quality brands they carry. Etiquette expert Lizzie Post, great-great granddaughter of Emily Post says, “Gone are the days of the standard wedding gifts of china, silverware and linens. Couples today crave thoughtful, useful gifts that speak to their personalities. This is why I’m happy to partner with Marshalls. They have a variety of high-quality gift options which makes picking a personal gift and surprising the couple that much more fun!”

  • Marshalls Survey Finding: 81% percent of women describe themselves as fun, flexible wedding planners, who are more open to surprise and are looking forward to life after the wedding
south asain wedding trends 2018Esha Patel and Raj Darji

Esha Patel and Raj Darji, who are getting married in May 2019 say, “We are planning a traditional weddings yes, but with non traditional elements as well. For example, we know about the bidai, and we get the idea, but we plan on living near our parents so we know we will see them regularly. Instead of a sad event, we are planning something more upbeat and fun. And yes, we will probably register for gifts for our new home together as both of us don’t really have household items to speak of.”

Esha adds, “When it comes to planning the wedding, I’m a planner so I think I need to sign off on everything because that’s my personality, but at the same time, I am open to new experiences and suggestions. I think for us, the reason why we want to streamline our wedding planning and ceremony is because we can’t wait to start our lives together. That’s the most important to us.”





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