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( , , , , , , Jack-o-Lantern ( , , , ). Happe Halloween.

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(): Good afternoon to everybody.

1.We are happy to see you here.

2.Welcome to our holiday. We have a quest at our holiday ( ). Children, do you know who she is? She is ( ): On, no, let the children guess who I am and why I am here. I am sure they will guess my riddles.

The summer is over

The trees are bare

Theres fog in the garden

And frost in the air/

When ()come/to you

The days are cool,

And go to school!

Do you know I am?

ij: You are autumn.

.Right you are, thank you. Ive come to this holiday with my three sons. ( ): Who are they?

ij: They are autumn months.

(): My dear children, come here.

( ).

( - , ; , , ; , , ).

: We are three brothers.

: I am September, the youngest brother.

Children like me. I bring them flowers,

green leaves, apples, mushrooms and many warm days.

: I am the oldest brother,

November is my name.

I bring much cold and rain.

( ): Why dont say a word, my second son? Dont be shy.

: I am October, your second son. I like red, yellow, brown leaves. I bring a lot of them to kids, all children like me, why, how do you think? ().

I bring them a holiday - Halloween!

: Welcome, welcome, Halloween!

ϳ Hallowen jingle Bells.

Hallowen, Hallowen has come to us again.

We shall have some trick or treat

And play funny games.

Welcome, welcome Halloween,

You are with us again.

Well have a lot of fun today

Well/sing, well/dance, well play.

B-1. How did H. begin? Many years ago, in Ireland,

New Xears Day was on the 1st of November,

It was the day of worship of all Saints.

All Saints Day or all Hallows Day. The 31st of October, the last day of the year, the day before the holiday, was known as all Hallows Eve Halloween. Now the 31ct of October is no longer the last the of the year, but Halloween is the holiday loved and celebrated by children in the Englisn-speaking countries.

: What do children do on that day?

B-2. Halloween has many traditions. In the evening, on the 31ct of October, children go from house to house, tricking and treating for candies. Now well show it to you.

1. , jack-o-Lantern , . : Trick or treat (3 ).

, . ij . , . Yoo are V, M, W.

ij .

Thank you ever so much. We are in a hurry to trick and treat for many candies. Good-bye!

( ): Why is there a pumpkin in the window and the pumpkin on the tables, and strange holes in them, like faces? My granny says that in Ukraine a girl gives a pumpkin to the boy if she doesnt wont to marry him. Are these pumpkins for that?

B-1. On, no. The pumpkin, the black and yellow cats, witches in the windows are symbols of H. a pumpkin with a carved face on it is jack-o-Lantern.

2. , , , jack-o-Lantern, .

-Hello, dear boys and girls! Dont be afraid of me. My name is jack. I lived many years ago. I was not a good man during my life.

And God punished me. God didnt allow me into heaven because. I was very stingy.

My soul to wander around the earth and carry a lantern to find my way in the dark. So, children, be good, kind now and when you grow up. ( ).

-1. And there is one more thong that children like to do home that night.

B-2. They like to tell one another/poems that will send shiners down their spine. Here is one of such poems: In the dark, dark wood.

(6 , , ).

-1.In the dark, dark wood

There was a dark, dark house.

-2. And in the dark, dark house

There was a dark, dark house.

-3. And in the dark, dark house

There was a dark, dark house.

-4. And in the dark, dark house

There was a dark, dark house.

-5. And in the dark, dark house

There was a dark, dark house.

-6. And in the dark, dark house

There was a dark, dark house.

B-2 ( ): Has this frightened you? Surely not.

You are brave children.

B-1. Now well come to the most interesting moment of our party: dances and games.

Ac you see, all children are dressed in costumes of their favorite characters, heroes, animals, different masks. Now well have the parade of costumes.


One, two, three on the tip toes,

1,2,3 on the tip toes.

1,2,3 turn around

Clap, clap, clap step aside.


-2. Children of all ages like to play games. There are special games for Halloween parties.

Do you want to play them? Okey, lets start.

1. Bobbing for apples.

: Pin the Tail on the Donkey,

Musical chairs

Duck, dusk, goose.

B-1. Dear children, I Hope you had a good time during our party and enjoyed it greatly.

But everything must come to an end and our party too. Well non join our hands and sing a song about friendship.

ϳ The more we get together.