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Gemstone Jewelry: Rings

Gemstone rings have been making a splash in the world of fashion jewelry, and it's easy to see why. Precious gems and colored stones are so much more exciting to the eye than white-on-white. The unique patterns and individual characteristics of colored gemstones can in an infinite variety orange topaz rings 2018 of ways. Let's say bye-bye to plain white diamonds, and hello to fabulous color! Brilliant blue sapphire rings, enticing green emerald rings, or perhaps vivid violet-blue tanzanite; the possibilities are almost endless.

Most assume the best and most desirable stones for rings are the hardest stones, such as ruby and sapphire, but surprisingly, many of the are actually softer gem types, such as opal, turquoise, and even amber. The durability and hardness of a gemstone is an extremely important factor to consider when designing jewelry, especially gemstone rings; but to make up for the lack of hardness or durability, a well-designed jewelry mounting can allow for just about any gemstone type to be worn in rings, as long as a some care is taken when wearing them. Just take a look at our wonderful ring selection and you'll see how much thought and creativity went into designing our rings.

Need some gemstone ring suggestions?

Agate and onyx rings, amethyst rings, blue sapphire rings, blue topaz rings, blue zircon rings, cat's eye rings (including chrysoberyl), chrome diopside rings, citrine rings, color change rings (diaspore or zultanite/csarite), emerald rings, green garnet rings, jade rings (jadeite or nephrite), moonstone rings, rainbow moonstone rings, mystic topaz rings, quartz rings, opal rings, pearl rings, peridot rings, pink sapphire rings, red and orange garnet rings, star cabochon rings (sapphire, garnet, quartz, moonstone), tanzanite rings, tourmaline rings, turquoise rings, white zircon rings and yellow sapphire rings.

The unique custom-designed, artisanal rings featuring and high-quality materials with fine precious metal settings and mountings by GemSelect are ready to wear the moment you receive them and suitable for,, statement jewelry or just as everyday accessories. Choose from a range of ring designs including ladies' rings,, children's rings and unisex rings, such as or gemstone stackables, solitaire rings, three-stone rings with large center stones, micro-pave rings, cluster rings, mother's rings, class rings,,, and bold statement rings. From this page, you can sort our gemstone rings by, by color, jewelry category and other factors, to easily enable you to find the perfect gemstone ring made just for you.

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