Long earrings 2018

    long earrings 2018
  • Fashion is live

    Fashion is live

  • Best of the Brands

    Best of the Brands

  • Catwalk Shows

    Catwalk Shows

  • Retail-Focused Seminars

    Retail-Focused Seminars

  • Social Networking

    Social Networking

  •  Interactive Buyer <i>long</i> Workshops

    Interactive Buyer Workshops

Fashion buying at its best

Moda brings together over 1200 collections under one roof to deliver the complete season's overview to over 9000 fashion buyers. Be part of it.

Beyond the buying

Retail-focused seminar programmes and more interactive workshops run throughout the event, alongside curated catwalk shows for the full fashion retail experience.

Inspiring collections
  • Pauline Cassidy
  • Rosie Davies-Smith
  • Hannah Dove
  • Michael Frackowiak
  • Luke Glackin
  • Julie Holden
  • Fran Lee
  • Philip Marsh
  • Orla McDonald
  • Paul McGregor
  • Nayna McIntosh
  • Robert Perkins
  • Jordan Quinn
  • John Saunders
  • Emily Stott
  • Ting Thing
  • Jon Tromans
  • Lee Wardell
  • Sarah Watkinson-Yull


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  • We have taken the decision to move Moda’s menswear sector, Moda Gent, to our new sister show: Pure London from February 2019.

  • Part two of our roundup of a busy three days at Moda Spring/Summer 2019

  • Part one of our roundup of all the action from Moda Spring/Summer 2019

  • Chatham returns to Moda for Spring/Summer 19

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