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Talk about “born lucky.” Elizabeth Hurley’s lookalike son Damian is only 16 years old and he already has a modeling contract and has appeared on The Royals TV series. Businessman/playboy Steve Bing, whose family fortune is estimated to be 600 million, is Damian’s father, and Bing was NOT happy about it. After dating Elizabeth on and off for 18 months, she told him she was pregnant and he demanded a DNA test. After the test proved that Bing IS the father, Liz was so insulted that she refused to take any child support from Bing and she demanded full custody. Damian has no relationship with his father, but Bing set up a trust and Damian will be a multimillionaire when he turns 18!

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Tom Holland is suited up in his new Spider-Man costume while filming a scene in New York with his on-camera love interest, Zendaya. They’re just wrapping up the last scenes for Spider-Man: Far From Home. In some scenes it’s very apparent that 5’ 10” Zendaya is quite a bit taller than her leading man – especially when he’s rescuing her from one thing or another. Height is no problem in real life – it’s entirely possible that Zendaya and Tom are a couple, but their lips are sealed.

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Always one of our favorite actresses, Mira Sorvino was one of the early and brave women who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual improprieties. Mira won a Best Supporting Oscar for her ditzy character in Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite, but few people realize she is actually very intelligent and educated. She graduated with honors from Harvard and has a degree in East Asian studies. We were so happy for her and Ashley Judd when Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson came out and admitted that Weinstein had said the actresses were “a nightmare to work with” and advised him not to hire them, thus blacklisting them and derailing their careers. Happy ending: While Mira’s acting career waned, she married her dream man and had four children, and now she’s back at work.

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Actually, the budding friendship of Kourtney Kardashian and Grown-ish actor Luka Sabbat is a match in PUBLICITY heaven. (Luka was also a Yeezy model.) Kourtney loves being photographed with handsome young men and Luka just plain wants to become famous. Everybody knows that the best (and maybe easiest) way to become famous FAST is to date a Kardashian! And a 19 years OLDER woman is even better! Luka is a young fashion influencer who really wants to be noticed, so he and Kourtney turned up at the Virgil Abloh fashion party at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills.

Above, Luka and Kourtney slip out the back door at the gallery.

Richard Marx and Daisy Fuentes have been married for three years and they’re still affectionate like newlyweds. Richard has been trying to sell the lakeside 30,000 sq ft mansion near Chicago that he shared with his first wife Cynthia Rhodes – they divorced four years ago and the house has been on the market since then. He originally asked 18 million for it but gradually the price has gone down to 9 million. We’re thinking the reason is: location. It’s in Lake Bluff, Illinois, and the lake view is nice, BUT that ice cold wind blowing off the lake makes winters bitter and miserable. Richard and Daisy now live in Los Angeles and today they were seen happily holding hands on their way to the Med Men cannabis dispensary in West Hollywood.

Photo: Richard and Daisy leaving Craig’s restaurant

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Andrew Dice Clay must cringe every day when he hears the news because there’s always another word or reference he’s got to leave OUT of his stand-up act. In fact, we wonder if he still HAS a standup act because his early act would be entirely unacceptable today. We saw him at the Hollywood Bowl around fifteen years ago and the Diceman character insulted women and gay people in dozens of different ways. The guys in the audience loved his horrifying and filthy act – they swilled beer and cheered every diss. It got so rowdy and obnoxious that we chose to leave. Since belittling women and gays has fallen out of favor, we suggest that Andrew stick to acting!

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Two of our absolute favorite Hollywood nerds are developing into quite a power couple. Zoe Kazan and Paul Dano have been together since 2007, and they’re both actors with higher aspirations. They collaborated on writing the script for Wildlife, their new film based on a novel about family dynamics starring Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal, and Paul directed for the first time. Speaking of family dynamics- burlesque Zoe gave birth to their first child (a girl named Alma) over the summer, and no one even knew she was pregnant! The Brooklyn celebrity couple manage to keep their home life under the radar.

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Cardi B probably has no idea who Carmen Miranda was, but her stylist definitely does. This is the perfect for the AMA show – it’s young, fun, overwhelming, and colorful without being desperately sexy. Just adorable. It shows that Cardi has a sense of humor and is willing to take chances. She’s well dressed even if she isn’t well behaved…

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Last year started off badly for Mischa Barton– her neighbors called police when she threatened suicide and made such a scene that she was evicted. When she moved, she slammed a U-Haul truck into an apartment building and didn’t pay the bill. But she soon started dating an Australian model, James Abercrombie, whose family is extremely wealthy – private jets, yachts, etc. They are still together and Mischa, 35, just signed to join the cast of The Hills reboot – she couldn’t be happier…

Above, Mischa and James leaving Craig’s

At first glance this looks like just another photo of Brad Pitt on the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood set. But you’re WRONG. This is Brad Pitt’s lookalike stunt double. We couldn’t find out his name but we can imagine what fun this guy has because of the resemblance. Certainly he gets plenty of glances from women and his looks just might get him past those pesky nightclub doormen…all sorts of possibilities…

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