Indian hair weave hairstyles 2018

Yes, many of the horror stories of working with some companies overseas are true.

Did you send a hair vendor funds via Western Union to save on fees and didn’t hear back? Yes, this has even happened to us when we first started out. I sent money to a company in Malaysia and never received the hair. They even had the nerve to call me and ask for me to send more money for customs but didn’t have a tracking number. Never doing that again!

One time we ordered some samples from another hair vendor. Wow, the hair was so nice and for a great price.

I thought we struck gold with this supplier! Next, our company purchased about ,000 in various sew-in extensions.

Time to get selling right? Wrong!

The next batch of hair when we decided to make a larger purchase was total crap. It was so bad we just didn’t even feel right selling it at a bigger discount than we purchased it for. ,000 loss!

Is there a guarantee that a company on the hair vendor list you purchased will be any different? Absolutely not!

It would actually be funny if you asked the person selling a hair vendor list if they have a money back guarantee if you don’t like the hair extensions that are being sold from a company on the list. Doubt it!

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