How to wear leggings

There’s a reason why all you ever want to do is wear. They’re —and I’m willing to be that if you’re a woman reading this story, there’s a 50-50 chance you are wearing some right now. But if, for some reason, the leggings crew from is here to explain.

On last week’s show, the cast made a hilarious parody commercial aimed at women who with no intention of and it’s pretty much the most accurate, realest thing you’ll ever watch (coming from a woman who’s been there!).

Nike Pro Chiller Leggings are what’s being “advertised” in the skit, and, at first, you might think this video is an. But once you realize what’s really going on—you won’t be able to stop laughing.


The video stars Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant as the two lazy leggings lovers and it’s full of one-liners you’ll now be quoting for the rest of the day.

kate mckinnon aidy bryant photo

Where do they wear their leggings? “Bed. Couch … OTHER side of couch.” It’s pure greatness.

Based on the comments online, the “SNL” team really nailed it with this depiction of permanent legging-wearers, too.

“Based on real life…. couch panini I’m dead,” read one YouTube comment, in reference to Bryant’s leggings, blanket, laptop combo.

Even men can relate to this:

“As a man wearing a Nike Dri-FIT shirt just chilling how to wear leggings on the couch, I can relate,” another comment read.

To all the people reading this while sitting in leggings on the couch right this second—you’re not alone. It feels good to finally be understood, doesn’t it?

Here, don’t let me spoil it any further for you:


Writer Kate Desmond, in an article for Simplemost’s sister site, Don’t Waste Your Money, tested out some of the most From Lululemon to LulaRoe, Desmond tested leggings in their natural environment—meaning she wore them when she exercised, but she also wore them everywhere else, as so many women do.

Some of her findings were what you might expect (Lululemon’s leggings were great for working out, but they carry a high price tag! LulaRoe’s classic leggings really are “buttery” soft), others were more surprising.

Old Navy’s athletic leggings, for example, while a bit on the thick side, are a great, inexpensive alternative to some of the higher-priced options.

Get the full scoop on.

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