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How to Visit Google Headquarters

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Google headquarters, located in Mountain View, California, is an impressive campus that includes over 60 buildings. Plan your own outdoor tour of the Googleplex grounds and bring a camera to snap pictures of the company's unofficial T-Rex mascot, Android statues, and self-driving cars. If you know someone who works at Google, arrange a tour of some of the offices to see the fun inner-workings of Google headquarters.


Getting to the Googleplex

  1. Drive to the Googleplex in Mountainview, California.Google's headquarters is located at 600 Amphitheater Parkway in the city of Mountain View, California. If you are driving from San Francisco, take the US-101 South to the Rengstorff Avenue exit. Continue to Amphitheatre Parkway.
    • If you are coming from another direction, take whatever other roadway and exit that will bring you to Amphitheatre parkway.
    • Use Google maps to plot out your journey efficiently.
  2. Access Google's headquarters by train and bus if you are not driving.Take either the number 32 or number 40 Mountainview city buses to the Googleplex. Both buses have stops close to the San Antonio Caltrain station, allowing you to get to Google's headquarters from San Francisco, San Jose, or South Bay.
    • To save money and time, opt to buy day passes for either transportation system.
    • Mountainview city buses are operated by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.
    • Caltrain is a commuter rail service that operates within the San Francisco Bay Area region.
    • A day pass for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority costs .00 while a one way ticket costs .25.
    • A day pass for the Caltrain costs .50 while a one way ticket costs .75.
  3. Park in one of the lots on the north end of the campus.There are 5 large parking lots for the Googleplex located at the top of the campus. Access these lots by driving north down North Shoreline Boulevard, just past Amphitheatre Parkway. Park for free in one of these lots and begin your tour!
    • The parking lots are labelled A, B, C, D, and E.
  4. Follow Bill Graham Parkway and cross Amphitheatre Parkway.After parking, you will have to walk 5-10 minutes to access the Google campus. Walk down Bill Graham Parkway, located just west of the parking lots, until you reach Amphitheatre Parkway. Safely cross this street to access the main hub of the Googleplex.

Exporing the Campus

  1. Explore the outside campus on foot.While most Google buildings are closed to non-employees, you can easily explore the outside of Google's headquarters without trouble. Be ready to walk a lot, as the entire campus stretches over more than a dozen acres of land. Note recognizable landmarks to track where you've been and where you're heading.
    • For instance, observe the addresses of different buildings as well as distinctive sculptures or signs.
    • Wear comfortable shoes to help you trek across the campus without hurting your feet.
  2. Visit the main cluster of buildings on the Google campus.Google buildings are restricted to employees and their guests, but you can visit the central point of Google's headquarters. Find these buildings west of Charleston Park. While there are other buildings on the campus, they are all more spaced out and have less going on in them than these ones.
    • Charleston Park is a large green area in the city.
    • Make this the first stop on your Googleplex tour, as it is easy to access from the Google parking lots.
    • This cluster of buildings is found near a volleyball court and small green area.
    • In addition the the Google head office, these buildings include Google Buildings 41, 42, and 43.
  3. Look for the life-sized T-Rex skeleton replica.A life-size T-Rex sculpture was placed on the campus by Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page as a reminder not to let the company go the way of the dinosaurs. Visit this iron sculpture as part of your Google headquarters tour. Locate the T-Rex, nicknamed "Stan" by Google employees, in front of the main Google buildings.
    • Note that "Stan" is sometimes accessorized with fun items like pink flamingos by Google employees.
  4. Take pictures in the android statues garden.Google's android statue garden adds a colorful sculpture every time a new operating system is developed. These sculptures are candy-themed, making them fun and whimsical.Find the garden on the South East point of Landings Drive, a looping street running through the campus.
    • For instance, you can take a selfie with a jelly bean-filled Android robot, which commemorates the version 4.1 operating system.
    • The garden is located in front of the Android building, which features a large Android sculpture above its entranceway.
  5. Make use of one of the outdoor volleyball courts.The Googleplex features outdoor volleyball courts that are open to the public when they are not in use by employees. Look for these courts in different spots across the campus. The easiest one to find is located in the centre of the campus, across from the main Google building.
  6. Visit the Google merchandise store to buy souvenirs.Google's campus features a gift store that is open to the public from Monday to Friday every week. The store sells Google-themed souvenirs like mugs, sweatshirts, mouse pads, and lunch boxes. Visit the store during business hours, between 10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. to complete your visit.
    • Google also has an online store that can be accessed at .

Taking a Googler Tour

  1. Ask a friend or contact who works for Google at give you a tour.Most of Google's buildings are only accessible by their employees. Exceptions are sometimes made for guests of employees. If you know someone who works at Google's headquarters, call or email them to ask if they can give you a tour of some of the buildings.
    • Be polite and offer to work around their schedule to make the visit happen.
  2. Observe highlights of the Google headquarters offices discreetly.If you get the opportunity to visit the Googleplex, be on the lookout for some of the most notable parts of Google's work environment. If you wish to take pictures, ask for permission first. Be as low-key and discreet as possible to avoid distracting employees during their work day.
  3. Visit the Google Visitor Center.The Google Visitor Center is essentially a mini-museum that showcases Google's history. Access to this exposition of cultural and historical artefacts is restricted to employees and their guests. Ask your tour guide to bring you through the building, which will give you an informative overview of how the company has developed over the years.
  4. Checkout Google "nap pod" sleep stations.Ask your tour guide if you can see one of the "nap pods" scattered across Googleplex buildings. These enclosed reclining chairs shut out external stimulus so that employees can work quietly or sleep. They also include a built-in Bose music system and a timer to wake up employees after a set time.
    • These "naps pods" were created by a company called MetroNaps using NASA science.
  5. Ask if you can see the Google garden.Many of the plant-based foods served in the Googleplex cafeteria are grown on-site in the Google Garden. This large organic garden uses Earthbox, a technology invented by Google that waters plants from the bottom instead of the top. Ask if you can visit this impressive space on your tour.
    • The Google Garden also has vast green spaces and meditation spots for employees.
    • The garden also serves as the learning grounds for students of a local horticulture society.

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