Henna lotus flower tattoo meaning 2018

Lotus flower tattoo designs have a deep meaning. They not only represent beauty and grace but also represent hardship and struggles. A lotus flower blooms in mud thus showing that we can find good even in evil. Buddhism and Hinduism give a lot of preference to lotus flowers.
Whether you want a lotus flower tattoo due to spiritual reason or just because you find them attractive, I would always suggest trying simple version. Here we picked 50 best lotus flower tattoos designs for men and women –

Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

1. One perfect place to try lotus flower tattoo is right on the mid-section of the stomach like this.

2. In my opinion lotus flower drawing tattoos turn out to be way cooler than colourful lotus tattoos.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 3. Some artist ink lotus flower tattoos in the style of mandala. Here is one design that pays homage to the mandala tattoos on thigh.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 4. Small and simple Lotus flower tattoos have their own elegance and charm. You can try such designs on wrist or neck.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 5. I bet you will fall in love with a watercolour lotus flower tattoo due to its beauty. In fact every watercolour flower tattoo is amazing.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 6. Ancient Egyptians considered lotus to be the first flower of the universe. So if you try an ancient Egyptian styled lotus flower tattoo then it would be a cool idea too.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 7. Many Indian gods are seen holding lotus flower in their hand. You can try tattoo of Indian gods with lotus flower in their hands.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 8. Geometrical lotus flower tattoos are also unique designs. But For this you have to opt for the outline version.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 9. As Lotus plays an important role in Indian culture, so it would be impressive to try a lotus flower tattoo in Indian rangoli style.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 10. You can try a lotus flower sleeve tattoo as well but for this you either have to add another flowers or a bunch of more lotus flowers tattoos.
Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas

11. People often search for Japanese lotus tattoo designs but what they don’t know is that it is incomplete without a koi fish tattoo. This is because both Lotus flower and koi fish represent hardship.

12. If you are looking for a small lotus flower tattoos then here is a creative idea – Try it on heels like this. It is said that lotus flower gives the power to fly (Acc. To Hinduism).
Lotus Flower Tattoo 13. Can you find any better lotus flower tattoo design then this? I loved this design so much.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 14. Placement can really make your lotus flower tattoo awesome. For example this extra ordinary lotus tattoo is made even better by inking It on middle of back.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 15. Buddhism too gives a lot of importance to lotus flower. Here is a tattoo design where Buddha is shown sitting on Lotus flower (Just like Lord Vishnu).
Lotus Flower Tattoo 16. Here is another Japanese lotus flower tattoo where the artist added two koi fishes around collar bone and the flower on the middle of the chest.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 17. You can wear a lotus flower tattoo just like jewellery. For example the girl here is wearing it like an anklet.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 18. This neo-traditional lotus flower tattoo on back of this girl is actually hard to do. Only experienced artist can pull off such design.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 19. As Lotus flower represent struggles, so a cool idea would be to add a motivational quote like this.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 20. Both lotus flower and feather are considered very light in weight. Trying them both in one design (around neck) would represent that you are lifting yourself above from desires.
Lotus Flower Tattoo

Simple Lotus Flower Tattoo

21. As Lotus is most frequently mentioned flower in Hindu vedas, so a good idea would be to ink some hindu symbols along with it.

22. Simple lotus flower tattoos also has deep meaning. They represent that you seek the truth of this world and do not find yourself caught up in the non-sense affairs.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 23. This is one of the most perfectly placed lotus flower tattoo that you will ever see.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 24. Showing a blooming henna lotus flower tattoo meaning 2018 lotus flower with pollen grain in middle will represent that you have finally found victory over your struggles.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 25. As Lotus rises in mud, so one thing you can do is showing a blooming lotus flower in your tattoo design.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 26. Here Bodhi style lotus flower tattoo where the artist tried to represent self-awareness.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 27. This traditional chandelier style lotus flower tattoo is actually inked to denote the spirituality of the person.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 28. If you show the petals of lotus flower in all directions like this then this means that you believe in equality and love everyone.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 29. This lotus flower half sleeve tattoo is inspired from the famous lotus flower of Lord Vishnu.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 30. A lotus flower design like this will denote that you believe in simplicity and you know your roots.
Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus Tattoo Designs

31. A cool idea would be to show spiral around the lotus flower to denote the whole universe.

32. Traditional lotus flower tattoos will also look amazing.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 33. Adding two circles around your lotus flower tattoo design will show that you want to connect yourself to the world on a spiritual level.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 34. Here is a symmetrical lotus flower tattoo design where the artist showed a good work of black and grey color.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 35. You can try a lotus flower tattoo in similar style too.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 36. This is mehndi lotus flower tattoo and it common to try henna tattoos in Indian sub-continent.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 37. Here is another henna lotus flower tattoo which will surely fade away but will gain a lot of love and affection.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 38. A Graceful lotus flower tattoo on lower back.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 39. A beautiful lotus flower tattoo that shows the impressive white ink work too.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 40. This can be tried as a cover up tattoo design.
Lotus Flower Tattoo

Small Lotus Flower Tattoo

41. Instead of trying lotus flower in traditional color why not show it in your favourite color.
Lotus Flower Tattoo

42. 3d lotus flower tattoos are rarely tried but they can be a sight to see.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 43. Here it shows a yin and yang style lotus flower tattoo. The artist used pink and black ink gracefully.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 44. This tiny and simple lotus flower tattoo on wrist is one of the most common design.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 45. Here is another small lotus flower tattoo on side wrist which can be hid whenever wished.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 46. Lotus flower mandala tattoo are adorable but can you try them in small size? Yes.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 47. A detailed lotus flower tattoo design will surely look great on back.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 48. Are those musical notes added with the lotus flower tattoo?
Lotus Flower Tattoo 49. This splash of lotus flower in tattoo style will surely look unrecognizable in few weeks.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 50. A lotus flower white ink tattoo is cool idea if you are trying a minimal tattoo design.
Lotus Flower Tattoo So which lotus flower tattoos from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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