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Hi All IMBB beauties,

It’s been eons since I wrote anything on IMBB… Thanks to the Jaundice virus!!
But I have not wasted my absence of a month. I have been thinking about various makeup looks that I would soon try out and show all of you.

But today, it’s a review.
Now, I don’t have very obvious or deep dark circles. But, spending 8-10 hrs in front of a computer screen comes with a price. So I decided on getting myself something to protect my under-eye area from further damage.

Rati raves about the Aroma magic under-eye cream but I couldn’t find it in my city. (Old story!!) So I got myself the Biotique Almond Under eye cream. The SA insisted and persisted till I bought the Biotique Seaweed Eye gel too.

According to her, the gel is for day time and the cream is for night time. So it is. And she added that I would get the “best results” if I use both of them together.

Here are the two products.

Biotique Eye gel and CreamBiotique Eye gel and Cream

Both of them cost Rs. 135/- (each) for 16 g of product.
Both the products have a shelf life of 3 years.

Biotique Eye gel and CreamBiotique Eye gel and Cream

I’ll talk about the Seaweed Eye Gel first.

The packaging is alright. It says:

  • Seaweed eye gel
  • For day use
  • Bio Weed
  • Removes dark circles under the eyes and increases blood circulation and brightness of the eyes.

1% Chinai Grass (Seaweed extract)
3% Punarnava
3.5% Beheda
1.5% Badam Tail (Almond Oil)
0.3% Jaiphal Tail (Nutmeg Oil)
2.1% Madhu (Honey)
Q.S. Parishrut Jal (Gel Base)
Directions for use: Pat on eye area every morning and massage gently.

This is what I think:

  • The gel is light and is easily absorbed into the skin.
Biotique Eye gel Biotique Eye gel

• A really really tiny amount is needed. The amount in the pic is enough to cover both eyes.

Biotique Eye gel Biotique Eye gel Biotique Eye gel Biotique Eye gel
  • The good thing about the gel is that it instantly cools my tired/burning eyes after I have spent a good couple of hours in front of my PC.
  • The bad thing is: It does nothing else.
  • It has no moisturizing effect.
  • It has a very medicinal smell.
  • Absolutely no reduction in puffiness.
  • Despite of being meant for day wear, has no SPF content.
  • If I apply a bit more of the gel, to get some moisture, it makes my under eye area sticky.
  • I have seen no changes in my under eye area despite of using it religiously for over a month.
  • I have now stopped using it completely.
  • I am not sure about the shelf life too. I used this gel at least 3-4 months ago. And I opened it after a good couple of months for this review. And I can definitely think it has congealed and has become thicker than before.

Final verdict: :star: … Only for the cooling effect.
I will never buy it again and would strongly advise everybody against it.

Let’s talk about the Almond Under eye Cream.

The pack says:

  • Almond under eye cream
  • For use at night
  • Bio Almond
  • Removes puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
  • Improves eye sight and brightness.


  • 0.5% Jaiphal Tail (Nutmeg oil)
  • 1.3% Badam Tail (Almond Oil)
  • 5.2% Surajmukhi Tail (Sunflower Seed oil)
  • 5.0% Bihidana Luvab (Quince Seed gel)
  • Q.S. Cream base

Directions for use: Massage gently under the eye area.

Here is what I think:

  • The cream is very thick. It takes its time in getting absorbed.
Biotique Eye Cream Biotique Eye Cream
  • It’s good for massaging the under eye area, albeit gently.
  • It moisturizes the under eye area very well.
  • It has to be applied at night. You can’t possibly wear such a thick cream during the day.
  • It too has a different but medicinal smell.
  • Although, it did nothing to brighten the under eye area, it at least moisturizes well.
  • But the thing is I have plenty of creams (Nivea classic amongst the best) who would do that.
  • I applied this too zealously for over a month. When I visited the same store again, the SA told me that I would have to keep applying it regularly for6 months before I see any change. And I don’t even have dark circles!!!
  • So I dropped it.
  • The worst thing about it is that IF it enters your eye, it burns like hell.
  • The gel not that much, but the cream!!! It seriously burns.
  • So at the end of it, me not happy. 🙁

Final verdict: :star: :star: for the moisturizing effect.

I would never buy it again and would advise against it.

I was disappointed at both these products. Although, very few products that claim to remove dark circles actually work. But I had expected better from Biotique.

Anyways, I now think I should get the Aroma magic cream before I make another stupid purchase.

Lots of love,

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