Golden brown hair with red highlights 2018

To gain a hot alluring look with a new outcome is now possible by adding colors to your tresses. Extra highlights on give a cool and clear look. One more positive side of adding highlights is that it also gives a wavy texture to your dull hair and makes them shine with a good volume. We should be thankful that we have such great shades which are easily compatible with our hair. So, it’s time to use your hairbrush in the right way and especially in the case of a brown hair. The brown hair itself looks colored but to make them extra shiny and glossy you can choose some of the perfect golden brown hair with red highlights 2018 shades of red-blonde highlights. There are numerous red blonde highlight shades which are highly suitable for, but the fact is how to find one for yourself. So in your favor, here below are mentioned some of the best ever latest ideas for brown hair with red and. All you need to do is to have a look and choose one perfect shade for your hair.

Honey golden red on a brown hair

Sexy color hair-do with a honey golden red color on a long brown hair.

Ombre red shade on a brown hair

Giving an ombre shade is the perfect idea for with Red and Blonde Highlights.


Brown hair with red balayage highlights

This red highlight is perfect for a long straight brown hair.


Light brown with subtle blonde highlights

You can never scroll down without using this Brown Hair with Red and idea if you have a light brown hair.


Brown long waves and red highlights

A perfect combination of long brown waves with red bold deep highlights.

Long brown hair with red-blonde at the edge

Instead of coloring your whole long brown hair just mark few red droplets at the edge of the hair.

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Chestnut brown with golden red

A chestnut brown hair can be simply arranged with the droplets of golden red shade.

Chic short brown red layers on brown hair

Layers of short brown chic hair are perfect for brown-red highlights.

Layered brown hair with deep red shades

This Brown Hair with Red and Blonde Highlights is perfect coloring idea for all types of layered brown hair.

Deep red layered lines on whole brown hair

Deep color red lines on the layers of the whole brown hair are enough to make you look good.


Slender blonde highlights

Some slight highlights of blonde color on a wavy brown hair.


Blonde highlights on voluminous hair

Deep blonde shade brown makes a dull hair look bulky and for a per-volumed hair, it works much better.

Elegant red highlights

Such an elegant dark red color at the layers of long brown hair.

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