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It’s one of my favorite days in blogland – One Room Challenge reveal day! I’ve been working like crazy for the past six weeks to transform our bonus room (aka upstairs landing area) and the teeny tiny craft room next to it and I’m so excited to show you all how it turned out! As usual I’m limping across the finish line having barely finished my room plus every other room in my house besides these two is the biggest hot neglected mess you’ve ever seen, but I’m done! And I love it!  And most importantly, my girls love it and are excited that they have this so-much-prettier space to hang out in! 

Before we go peeking around my new space, I wanted to thank Linda of  for organizing the One Room Challenge in partnership with House Beautiful and also thank the sponsors who donated products to my One Room Challenge room including,, , and  – I genuinely love and recommend these brands! Ok, I’ve kept you long enough – let’s go in!! (post includes some sponsored and affiliate links – see my full disclosure statement )

A complete source list for all products used in my room makeover is included at the end of this post!

In case you weren’t following along from, we’ll start by throwing it back to what this space looked like six weeks ago:

Our bonus room before the One Room Challenge

Could it be any more boring? Umm….no!  There was nothing wrong with the loveseat or the ottoman but this just didn’t exactly scream “fun place for two teenage girls to hang out” which is exactly what the purpose of this space is. And those plain shades and overhead dome light… wrong, very wrong and had to go pronto! After six weeks of working away, this is what our bonus room looks like today:

Fun bonus room space with daybed for lounging (that will also be used as a guest bed), kids art gallery wall, blue and white wallpaper and bedding, Moroccan poufs, Roman shades, and brass sputnik light fixture!

Scroll & Tap/Click to Shop This Space:

Now THIS is a space that my girls will love hanging out in! The whole transformation started with and and slowly went from there. If you’ve been following along from the beginning you might remember that the wallpaper was one of the first things that I picked out but it unexpectedly went out of stock and I had to go to plan B and use instead. Well sometimes things happen for a reason because I think it’s a perfect fit for the space:

Gorgeous brass sputnik flush mount ceiling light fixture! Perfect for this kid friendly space!

And speaking of perfect fits, can we talk about our new lighting?? Before we had only a dim, ugly overhead dome light that I replaced with. Honestly, I surprised even myself when I chose this brass beauty since it’s more modern that what I traditionally go with but I fell for it the second I saw it and now want to sputnik-ify every room of my house – I LOVE it! And for someone like me who loves well lit rooms, this baby can light up a room like no other (I used a combination of and a few 25 watt bulbs I already had on hand to get the perfect amount of light for the room).

Gorgeous brass sputnik flush mount ceiling light!

I also added next to the daybed for reading – such a great buy and I love that it ties in the brass at the other end of the room

Gorgeous custom Roman shades with navy ribbon trim for the same price as non-custom shades at a big box store! Source linked in post!

I shared the deets about {my new Roman shades with light navy ribbon trim} last week but had to mention once more how gorgeous and well made they are. does beautiful (and very reasonably priced!) work and I highly recommend her. I’m super glad that I decided to go with inside mount shades instead of outside mount which is what was there previously – the inside mounts are so clean, tailored, and fresh looking!

Blue and white bonus room area with daybed, blue floral quilt, blue and white pillows, white leather Moroccan poufs, Roman shades, and an art gallery wall!

Other new pieces in the space include that I placed three potted plants on:

Loving this tiered marble side table - looks beautiful with plants and would also be perfect for holding multiple drinks!

I did a quick whitewash of the wood part of its legs to make them a little more subdued and fit in better with my space. Take a good look at these green, leafy beauties today because you know me and plants… these poor guys are unlikely to survive for very long under my black thumb! Other new additions are these two white leather Moroccan poufs:

Beautiful white leather Moroccan poufs at a great price!

I love that they’re so versatile and can be used for foot rests but also for extra seating when my kids have a bunch of friends over. I’ve seen similar ones for big bucks but spent a lot of time looking for reasonably priced options and reading reviews and ended up buying which actually come in white along with a bunch of other different colors. I’m really happy with how they look and excited that they were such a great deal.

Did you notice in my pouf pic that someone furry came along and joined us mid tour? Hope has decided that this whole daybed thing is pretty boss and she divides her time between cuddling into and  that are mixed in with and }. Can we take a minute and just talk about the fact that she’s like the cutest thing ever all cuddled in there?! And how about that kids’ art gallery wall over the daybed, let’s talk about that too – do you like how it turned out? 

Gorgeous art gallery wall filled with children's art - love! Sources for frames included in post!

Scroll & Tap/Click to Shop My Frames (middle two frames & long bottom frame are HomeGoods finds!):

I used an eclectic mix of frames to frame artwork from both of my girls throughout the years, starting with drawings from when they were super little all of the way through to some current art pieces like the pencil sketch in the middle. I love being able to show off their creativity and get some of their older artwork that I truly cherish out of storage boxes and up on the wall where we can all enjoy it. I would guess that there will be a lot of art swapping going on in this little gallery wall over the next several years as new pieces get created! 

Gallery wall showcasing kids art! Love this idea! All sources for frames included in post!

Ready to move on to the craft room? Let’s take one more “before” and “after” peek before we go, ok? Here’s the entire bonus room space before:

Upstairs landing area before its makeover!

and here it is now:

Bonus room / loft area for teens decorated with blue and white herringbone wallpaper, Roman shades, brass lighting, a daybed, gallery wall, and more! Click over for all of the details!

And just in case you’re wondering, that large bare space between the poufs and the built-in that the TV is in has a purpose – it’s where my girls play with the Wii so we wanted to leave it open and have plenty of space for Just Dance face offs! 🙂 Oh and one more tiny change I just remembered – I didn’t get around to organizing the inside of the built-ins (that will have to go on the 2018 to-do list!) but I did do a little knob upgrade – love :

Gorgeous wood inlay cabinet knobs!

On to the craft room – this room is super super tiny so it will be a quick little tour! Here’s where things started off six weeks ago:

Our craft room before the makeover

And here it is today!

Such a cute kids craft room! Love the blue and white feather wallpaper and the brass and acrylic lamps!

Scroll & Tap/Click to Shop This Space:

The biggest change is the wallpaper! I painted over the bright green paint color that was there and hung  – do you guys love it as much as I do? It just has the best creative feel that I think is perfect for the space!

Gorgeous navy and white wallpaper with leafy watercolor vines!!

The other thing that made a huge difference is that I painted the cabinetry white. I wasn’t sure how that would work out since it’s inexpensive laminate cabinetry but it worked beautifully! I’ll definitely be sharing a how-to tutorial down the road! I dressed our new no-longer-puke-yellow cabinets up with :

LOVE these dragonfly cabinet knobs! Source linked in post!

I also added a few of  to hold the ribbons and threads that my daughters use the most:

Glass storage jars hold ribbons and thread in this cute craft room!

and I swapped out the bright blue table lamps for a pair of – they’re the cutest!

Love this brass and acrylic table lamp! Perfect for a desk!

And with that, my reveal is a wrap! I added a full source list for both spaces below but if you have any questions about anything let me know! Thanks so much for following along on this makeover and sharing your thoughts along the way! If you missed any weeks and want to play catch-up, you can do that here:

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And if you want to check out the other One Room Challenge participants’ reveals (there are always some really good ones!) you can find them all over at the . I have so much great stuff coming to the blog in the next few weeks including a holiday dinner post I’m super excited about (it has the most fun twist!), an epic closet makeover, Christmas present wrapping ideas, a holiday home tour and more! If you want to follow along on these projects and others, you can join the DBD family girl\s room decor 2018 and  I’ll see you all back on the blog early next week!


Driven by Decor Source List


Bonus room: |  | (mine is twin size) | | | | | | | | | |

Bonus room art: going clockwise and then to two center frames ->  | | | Gray float frame – HomeGoods | | Whitewash vertical frame – Hobby Lobby | Light gray elongated horizontal frame – HomeGoods | | Center whitewashed frames – HomeGoods

Craft room: | Upholstered swivel stool – Ballard Designs Outlet |  | | Blue & white pencil cup – HomeGoods | Scalloped wood bowl – HomeGoods | |

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