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OMG guys, this is not a drill! Suzie McIntosh just opened a lux AF new salon in Toorak!

Suzie McIntosh Brows

Everyone knows I have been a huge fan of Suzie Mcintosh since we met almost 2 years ago. I have written countless blogs and about her and frequently LIVE stream my experiences right from her salons. I was there when she had a tiny upstairs room in Baurmauris, I was there when she moved into the moody concrete St Kilda salon and now I’m so lucky to be able to check out her incredible new salon right in the heart of Toorak Village! This girl is killing it in the brow industry! #bossbitch

I’ve had my brows tattooed by Suzie many times. However, it has been a slow process trying to figure out why my skin is such a difficult bitch a times! As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, my skin is insanely sensitive and oily – don’t ask me why! The problem with my skin type is when I get the done, it simply does not hold like it should. Check out this photo below for an up close and personal look at my oily ass pores!

suzie mcintosh

So more recently, Suzie has introduced me to her technique of Ombre brows which has worked a million times better on my skin type. Thats not to say feathering fashion or ombre are any better or worse than one another, but for my skin type Ombre just seems to get better prolonged results.

Suzie Mcintosh Brows- you’re probably thinking.. ombre?! feathering?! what does this all mean?!

Well, ombre is the technique of building light to dark shading (aka ombre) using small dots. Whereas feathering is created using lines to replicated the natural eyebrow hair. Simple, right!

suzie mcintosh

Eyebrow tattooing isn’t for the faint hearted, it can be a little painful so be sure to apply your numbing cream before hand if you’re a total baby like me! But don’t stress, is quite literally the best of the best, she travels all over the world teaching brow tattooing classes so I mean it when I say you cannot be in better hands!

Suzie Mcintosh

Suzie McIntosh Brows – Don’t forget the ugly healing process!

Don’t forget the ugly healing process everyone must go through the first 10 days after getting your brows tattooed. It is not attractive, you will probably panic and call Suzie asking WTF went wrong but TRUST ME this is normal and it DOES get better! The best way to remember it is, you’d never judge the results of lip fillers the day after you got them done.. they take time to heal and settle so don’t freak out. The will also fade by 50%, soften and be a lot less blocky after the healing is finished.

suzie mcintosh

If you’re a brow and beauty addict like myself, be sure to pay a visit to the insanely beautiful new salon has designed herself – god that girl got style! You can now find Suzie and 460 Toorak Road, Toorak.

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