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People looking to have a beautiful appearance without being weighted down with long hair can look to the mid length hairstyles out there. These provide something stunning that cannot be achieved with long hair.

From the feminine and sexy to the crazy and out there, these are truly something to admire and desire. Even if you feel you need something flowing and elegant, there is going to be a medium haircut for you. The elegant hairstyles for shoulder length hair selection available, as well as the ability to change out color, makes this more than possible. Mid length hairstyles do not all have to be about being on the move or ready to party. Many can be, and are, beautiful and elegant, giving a person the ability to remain feminine without the need to grow the hair out. These work grow for people going to events, like a prom, as well those women who are on their way to be married. These haircuts provide a flow that is different from long hair and beautifully elegant in its own way. This can help to create a look that is well done and matching to your specific interests.


Medium hair styles with curls orwaes in this gallery.
200 images


A set of hair styles from platinum to nearly light brown.
200 images  


If hair is cut to the same length all round it's called a bob. 200 images  

Crimsons, chestnuts, scarlets and plain redheads.
200 images  


A section of hair that lays over the forehead.
200 images

See hairstyles exclusively in a darker color.
200 images  


Set of possibilities to inspire you for a teens special night.
200 images  

Pictures of straight haircuts if straight's your thing.
100 images  


Bridal & Wedding Every girls best day needs a great hairstyle, many ideas here. 100 images  

Examples with colored or bleached  sections. 200 images  


Dinner dates and other formal occasions.
100 images  

Celebrity medium haircuts

Alyson Hannigan to Andie Macdowell, some of your favorite celebs.
100 images


Where the hair is combed in different directions from a central line. 200 images  

With the bangs or sides brushed to one side with a flick at the end.
120 images  


Going out on the town often needs a little bit of extra flair. 150 images  

Styles that are recommended for any age group.
100 images  


Styles inspired in the 80's and way beyond. 100 images  

Pictures that will be of interest to our younger visitors.
120 images  


Catwalk and high fashion styles here.
150 images  

Extreme Outrageous and downright weird.
100 images  

Medium haircuts are popular with and have been used throughout the years. From the simple styles that are easy to do to those that require time and energy, they are each available and make use of the medium length hair. Some of the biggest celebrities and some of the biggest times throughout history have had their own mid length hairstyles, and they can each be done on any person. A great thing about mid length hair is what is possible when going simple. Even when short and styled with little effort, these hairstyles still come out looking spectacular. This hair can be straightened, parted, or be given a small style, like a bob, and still look stunning. Since this hair provides the opportunity to remain relaxed without sacrificing appearance, every woman can find something suitable to her own hair and personal needs. With any hair, you can find new colors. When coloring mid length hairstyles, this opens a woman up to new opportunities. This can add to a partier or make an elegant style even more breathtaking. Whatever is desired, a small amount of coloring can do the trick. No matter if it is a small cut or there is coloring going on, the medium haircuts give a woman something to truly love. These are unique and can be used to create many different types of styles, fitting even the most picky of people. The partiers out there have their options. Whether this is something that needs to be down and ready to go at a moment’s notice, while still retaining its beauty, or something that can be crafted into a hairstyle perfectly suitable to your unique personality, there is something out there. With the unusual, the party, and the trendy, these can help to make the most out of the medium haircuts. They each provide something different, manageable, and gorgeous that can only be found with medium length hair. 
By Iain Patric

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