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If you're shy and nervous about being rejected or embarrassed, just give her a call. That way you will have more control over the situation since there will be less variables to contend with (people around, looking nervous or blushing, etc).

Call her up and say "hey, this is (your name)... I just wondered if you don't already have a date for the dance, if you'd like to go with me?". Simple as pie. If you just be direct about it, there's less chance you could ramble on nervously or say something stupid.

It depends on what type of dancing. If you mean slow dance, if you are a girl you put your hands behind the guys neck, if your a guy you put your hands on the girls waist. If you mean just dancing to your favorite song, jump up, dance with your friends and have fun!! Do what ever you want, don't be embarrassed!!

When I asked a girl to a dance I got one of my friends to trip her up and I catch her and I said " Ive been meaning to talk to you, will you go to the dance with me" sure enough she said yes. Before you ask her though you need to build your friendship with her otherwise she will think you're a total freak and your desperate. Hope this helps.:)

If it is something like a valentine's day dance, trying wearing something like a skirt and a hot shirt with maybe hearts on it or the colors pink, red and white. if it's a causal dance, then wear a graphic tee with sum skinnys with flats nd boots or sum chucks or vans

In my experience- very, very casual (unless otherwise specified).

At my middle school, the dances were right after school, so everyone was wearing their normal, everyday clothing.

I think all guys should wear jeans and a tee shirt for a casual dance....For formal dances guys should wear a suit and tie and dress pants girls a beautiful dress that you love or want to buy at a store.

The best thing to do is to find a date. But if you don't, thats ok! you can go with your friends, but if your friends have a date, then go with ur closest friend that DOESNT have a date :)

where cool othes be yourself and walk by him,her and try to mke them notice you or ask there friend to see if they like u

For the first day of school you should wear something casual like don't wear stuff that's it's to fancy the first day of school is not about the fancyiness but you should wear something casual so you won't over do it and try not to put alot of makeup if your a girl
like i said dress casual`for the hair put a little bit of gel or just brush it up and wear some cool good shoes and you now the rest

, sincerly , bryanna

yes and no. if you have a date, then yes. if you are going with your friends, it could be fun. if you are going all by yourself, your not going to have any fun, unless you let go. Even with a date or friends if you let the fear of what people think of you keep you from dancing or what ever you won't have as much fun. Remember that most people probably don't care and if they do then they have major issues that don't include you.

Well it's called a dance so dance! I just hang out with my best friends and jump up and down and have a good time!

Hiya, Chloe Here (:

The answer to your question is YES. Weather it's a slow dance or a fast dance absolutely. There is no harm in asking someone to your dance. I did it when I was in middle school. I'm 16 now and loved middle school. If you choose to ask the person, remember to be calm and don't be to jumpy.

Glad to help =)

Some people go in groups or couples to a middle school dance. At the dance, they can stay with their group and stand around or go out to the gym floor and dance in couples or in groups. Some people stand around outside the dance and talk or hide out in the bathrooms. After the dance, people usually go somewhere with their groups -- maybe to somebody's house or to a restaurant. Parents usually sit in their cars outside after the dance to pick up their kids or stand around outside the dance to wait for their kids. Some schools have activity buses which take the kids home after the dance. If you don't have anybody to talk to at the dance, you can talk to the chaperones or the parents who come to help. You can also possibly get a job at a dance selling food or drinks or helping with the lighting. Those are good jobs for people who are shy but want to go to the dance anyway.

i went to a private school so at the dances they were pretty good. random guys would grab me and we started freaking. a lot of people slow danced and freaked.

Shake your hips, Put your hands in the air like u just dont care, basically u just do wat other ppl r doing.

Usually, they play a lot of rap and hip-hop. if your expecting slow dances, look elsewhere. whatever is popular, or you can dance to, will be played. it depends on which DJ you get. you will move a lot if you dance, though.

Not as much dancing as you would think.

Mostly sitting, talking, jumping with friends for the faster songs, slow dancing, and eating.

There's junk food, soda, contests, music, not very much dancing, and a lot of talking.

Just dress like you are going to a party. Girls should dress modestly (Modest is hottest!) Same for you guys. Dont wear heavy clothing because It could get very hot very fast.

I have been in the same problem i have found some though here they are:
  1. Night club
  2. Hawaiian
  3. urkel and ugly Betty
  4. Halloween
  5. Hillbilly
  6. Michael Jackson and Beyonce Knowels

7. dancing nerds

Well if it's formal where a cute looking skirt and a nice top. Nothing too special.
If it's not wear a really cool pair of shorts or jeans with a super crazy awesome shirt. As long as you wear something you are comfortable in.

The song does not have to be about basketball, it can just be your fave song, or just very upbeat. And if you don't like the word but you like the beat, just find the instrumental, and if you really want you could on youtube and type in cheer mixes.

Yes they are muddled up but at times they can be energetic, rarely but it happens. XoxO

yes it does one for Halloween Christmas valentines day and spring if yher asking how i know i go ther haha XD

You should Wear a long ball gown or dress and a very cool mask. Mask ideas can be butterfly look or a vampiric look! Try to be old fashioned and fancy. Good luck!

If you're a girl: don't go too dressy but not too casual. skirt or nice pants with a fitted blouse or shirt. you will regret high heels

If you're a guy: as for girls, don't be too dressy but don't be too casual. wear long pants like khakies and a tshirt or polo. oh and wearing sneakers is a good bet

Well, if you like skirts, i think a cute high waisted skirt with a tank top, and maybe a cardi on to (a long one) or maybe a blazer. Shorts could sub for the skirt in this situation also. Jeans and a graphic tee plus sneakers or some flats for shoes. Adding a scarf could freshen up the jeans and tee. Hope I could help!

I'm assuming this is for a girl. I'd just pick a cute top, a skirt that is above the knee but not too short, flats or sandals and maybe some leggings. Don't forget a few accessories to go with it. You're probably safe going pretty casual but a little bit more dressed up than normal school outfits. Or go naked.(dont worry it atracts boys)

Just say " Hey, u wanna dance? " if u cant muster up enough courage 4 that... JUST HAVE FUN!!! THATS WHAT THE DANCES R 4 !!!!!!!!!!!

Because many middle school dances end up in having sex with each other which increases the chance of having STD's and being pregnant. and most dances make the singles be sad.

It depends on the school. Many schools do but some may not. Check with some kids in older grades to see what they say about dances.

you could show someone receiving a note asking them to go to the dance with them... but signed from their secret admirer and they have to figure out who it is from..... maybe?

When your in middle school, be sure to be yourself in your dressing! Try bright colored top with skinny jeans for a funky look. Add chunky jewelry or a long necklace. Aslo, try wearing cute "n" classy black dresses for a great look. I'm in middle school too, and theese always work for me!! :))))

if you're a girl, wear a colorful tank top and capris or shorts along with flip flops or sandals.
if you're a guy, wear hawaiian shirt (if you have one). if you don't, wear a regular shirt that says things like "hawaii", "beach", etc.

a lei is always a good thing to add in.

hope this helps!

That really depends on the school.
The least I know was two: Halloween and Valentine.
The most I know was five: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, March Break, and graduation.

Disco, Night Club, Red Carpet Celebrity Night, Hawaiian, and Michael Jackson(for boys) Beyonce Knowels (for Girls)

For a guy- Jeans and dressy shirt to a suit.
For a Girl- Nice Skirt and Dressy top to a dress not too long not too short, cute and not too casual.

It depends on the middle school. Some decide to and some do not. My middle school, for example, does. Last year I went to a different one and they did not. They might have parties ,but maybe not dances such as proms.

most likely you should were shorts maybe even swim SHORTS the length that your school will allow and a tee shirt or tank-top if allowed at your school

Of course any school can have an Masquerade Dance, but it also depends on how much money your school has, what type of school you go to; etc.

Depends on your schools' dress code different dress outfits you could wear are skirts and dresses. The colors and styles depend on the time of day and the event.

You really dont want to make yourself look dumb just start up a conversation make her laugh then ask her do you want to go to the dance with me?

hat sagging jeans a pretty are handsome shirt that is purple if this a girl boy red shirt red shoes purple shoes

Whatever you want to wear, if they said wear something nice ask your mom or wear leggings w/ a skirt and one of those shirts wear the sleeves come down to the side of your arms but have a string on your shoulders.

Anything by lady gaga... If you want a slow dance Adele is a nice fit.

The best thing to ever wear to a school dance is TIGHTS!!!!! Tights go with everything. For example take any neon shirt and put it with some black tights and you'll have the cutest outfit if add some accessories like a waist-belt or even some huge bangles or earrings. You can even wear some neon tights and take some fishnets and make the holes bigger and put the fishnets over the neon tights. With that wear anything that has rhinestones it makes you OUTFIT standout.

Idk Maybe these tips will work: Be nice and pretty or the normal u :I Wen he will see u come at that hallway u know hes urs ;) try that !(P.S Didnt the tips work? Try this: ask him by urself xD)! Thats my answer :)!

I believe the most popular technique is to stand close together, possibly even touching each other, and sway back and forth in some semblance of rhythm.

Assuming, of course, that you can find one willing to make the death march across the no-mans-land (aka the dance floor) separating the "girls wall" from the "boys wall."

Maybe something like a short nice gold top that shows a bit of your belly and maybe for the bottoms just short black shorts lol! Or maybe a gold shiny top that looks like a non-sholder one and to go with that maybe some skinny leggings? I don't know but try it. It might work out!

5th Grade: Some Faded Skinny jeans and a black and/or pink shirt. (With A Awesome Logo or picture on it) and some DC's.

6th Grade: Some bright blue or bright pink or just black jeggings or skinny jeans and a tight non-matching band t. And some Low top converse or high top Shiny shoes!!(Make sure to be bold!)

7th: A little more relaxed. Some Fadded jeggings and a Baggy tied shirt with anything on it. Wear some low or high top converse.

8th: Time to get wild! Short skirt or shorts or even s really bright dress! With a leather of fur jacket! Make sure if your wearing shorts to wear a long baggy shirt! And of course bright colored low top converse!!

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