Custom dress shirts online 2018

Custom Dress Shirt Shipping and DeliveryWhile each of these made-to-measure shirt brands manufacture their shirts all over the world, many do not ship globally. They will all ship to most of North America and Europe – normally without issue. If you happen to live outside of these areas, you’re left with fewer options.

This is one of the more disappointing things I encountered throughout this exercise. If there is simply no way get your shirts delivered to your home, then the whole process is for naught.

Personally, there were two important factors for me to consider; 1) Does the brand ship to Mexico and 2.) How long will it take to receive the shirt (i.e. delivery time).

One main problem — two of these brands (Proper Cloth and Indochino) did not ship to Mexico — even after I emailed their customer support departments. This pretty much eliminated my ability to do a proper comparison on the shipping / delivery that I experienced.

However, each brand does have an advertised shipping cost and delivery date that they advertise on their site. I’ve detailed this below for comparison:

Deo Veritas: Delivery in 1-2 weeks Worldwide via TNT (FedEx). flat fee shipping (US / Canada), elsewhere. Free shipping over 5. I received my order in 12 days.  This was far and away the quickest of any of the shirt makers reviewed.
Grade – 100/100

Proper Cloth: Delivery in 2-3 weeks to 40 countries via FedEx. flat fee shipping.
Grade – 70/100
Since I had to use a freight forwarding service to receive my shirt, I had to downgrade Proper Cloth’s grade. If you live in any of the 40 countries Proper Cloth ships to, your experience (and grade) will likely be higher.  Even with the additional time to forward the package, I still received my shirt within 5 weeks, which was acceptable.

Indochino: Delivery in 4-6 weeks to most countries (some exclusions such as Mexico, Brazil, Ireland) via FedEx. flat fee shipping, Free shipping over 0.
Grade – 60/100
Since I had to use a freight forwarding service to receive my shirt, I had to downgrade Indochino’s grade. If you live in any of the countries Indochino ships to, your experience (and grade) will likely be higher. With the additional time necessary to forward the package, I received my shirt in about 6 weeks, which was a bit long.

MTailor: Free Shipping to US / Canada via USPS (domestic shipper if International), elsewhere.
Grade – 60/100
Due to USPS customs complications, MTailor’s shirt took longer than usual ( 10 weeks from the time the order was placed). This was a big point of dissatisfaction for me, but I understand this was outside of MTailor’s responsibility, in which case this delivery timeframe would be unacceptable. Ideally, brands that ship worldwide should factor in the cost of using a more reliable shipping company since after all, these situations end up affecting the user experience tremendously.

Conclusion: I mentioned special shipping forwarding services, which can be a solution if one of these brands do not ship to your home, but you have to take into account the additional cost. This is how I received my shirts from Proper Cloth and Indochino. Not very encouraging and honestly, you might just end up feeling like it’s not worth the hassle.

As noted above, two of these brands, Deo Veritas and MTailor did not prevent shipping directly to Mexico — for which I am very grateful.

I can say that out of the two brands that shipped my shirts directly (to Mexico), the delivery time for Deo Veritas was much quicker (12 days from order date) than MTailor’s (7 weeks so far).

In short, Deo Veritas gets the Best Shipping Options and Delivery Speed trophy.

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