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Welcome! I’m Sherri Hardeman, and here to provide you information on It Works Body Wraps, show you how they work, and how to use the coffee body wraps for weight loss  .  I’ll assist you with guidance, wrapping instructions & tips on how to get the best resultsthat last.  

You can call, or coffee text me at 270-875-5686 for answers to questions, or help placing your order.


The It Works Body Contouring Wrap was created in 2001, and has helped people around the world transform their bodies. This herbal body wrap is used on specific parts of your body that you want to improve; tummy, abs, back, love handles, buttocks, thighs, arms, chin and neck.  Each wrap can be cut, or trimmed for smaller areas and the size is 13″ x 21″.    


In under an hour you can begin to tone, firm, and tighten skin slackening, or loose skin, and may notice an improvement in the appearance of stretch marks, and cellulite.

It Works System 90 Day Challenge Information

There are 4 wraps to a treatment on the area of your body that you would like to improve. Applying a single wrap is one application out of the treatment of four.  The non-woven cloth wraps are ready-to-go, individually packaged with 4 applications (a full treatment) in a box. 


Get spa-worthy results, right from the comfort of home.  Anyone can apply the Ultimate Body Applicator. With a sensible diet, and healthy lifestyle choices your


After Baby with Stretch Marks Before & After 1 It Works Ultimate Applicator Body Wrap


How to Get Started Wrapping!

The It Works Body Wraps can only be ordered through an It Works Distributor, and they are sent to your door directly from It Works Global.

I only recommend getting your wraps sent directly from It Works, as you will be assured the herbs, botanicals & cream in the wraps are fresh. 

Wraps do expire, and should be stored and rotated correctly, so unless you know your distributor, and the amount of volume they do, I recommend having them sent to you by It Works. 

How to Order

Buy It Works Ultimate Body Wraps wholesale

You can either:

  • place your order online
  • I can submit your order, 270-875-5686 (m)

However you’re most comfortable!


Retail or Wholesale Customer?

  You’ll find two prices listed for each item, the first is the retail price, (box of 4) or you can get a box of 4 for when you order as a and save 40%. 

Buy It Works Body Wraps

Here’s a .

  1. Add the wraps, or other products to your shopping cart.
  2. Click check-out
  3. Select either ‘Loyal Customer’ or “Retail Customer’.  
  4. Complete your shipping & payment information
  5. Submit your order!


It Works Ultimate Body Wrap

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There’s a gentle herb-botanical cream on one side of the wrap.  It takes less than 5 minutes  to apply the wrap. Remove and unfold one of the body wraps from the packaging, place the side of the wrap with the creamy, botanical lotion on your skin, and secure it with our Fab Wrap, or saran wrap, and set a timer!  

(See Demo Video below)

Use your phone camera to take a photo before you apply your 1st wrap.  After you remove the body wrap take an after photo.  Wait 72 hours (or up to a week) then take another photo before you apply your next body wrap. Update your photos before each application in your treatment. 

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How to Wrap your Stomach, Thighs, Arms, or Back


Buy It Works Body Wraps

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It Works Body Wrap Ingredients


It Works Body Wraps Ingredients

The ingredients in the lotion of the It Works Body Wrap contain a gentle, nourishing blend of herbs, and botanicals.  You’ll see the it when you unfold one of the body wraps. Here’s a  you can also print, or even save to your computer.  


How Long Can I Leave on the It Works Body Wrap?


You can shower before bedtime, apply the It Works Body Wrap, and wear it while you sleep. When I use the wraps I often wear it under my clothing while running errands, or at home for several hours.  Many of my clients do this too. I recommend you try this from your second wrap on, just to be sure you have no skin sensitivities.


Can I Increase my Results, or Make my Results Last Longer?


You can increase your wrap results by applying It Works Defining Gel in between wrap applications on the area you are wrapping. Apply Defining Gel twice a day; after showering, and before bedtime. 

Defining Gel is meant to be used daily, and the ingredients are similar to the wraps, but are less concentrated. 

Buy It Works Defining Gel wholesaleKeep in mind you will do best to maintain your wrapping results by eating clean, whole foods, avoiding processed foods, sugars, artificial sweeteners, and starchy foods. Excess caffeine, alcohol, and smoking are bad for your skin, and can undo your wrap results.  Make sure you drink plenty of pure water every day.  Lack of hydration shows up on your skin.

That said, I use Defining Gel every day from underneath my chin, all the way down to my knees to eliminate, and prevent cellulite, and keep my skin firm, toned, tighten, and nourished against wrinkles.  Here’s where you can. You can add it to your order and save more as a Loyal Customer. It lasts a long time, and a little goes a long-ways!


Can I Wrap My Face?

Buy It Works Facial Applicator Wrap wholesaleThe It Works Facial Wrap ingredients are specially formulated for the delicate skin on our facial area.  This is one of my favorite products to firm, tone & tighten my face, and eliminate the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  I use it regularly. Here’s where you can get more information about the . There are 4 individual Face Wraps in a box for.

You can use the It Works Body Wrap on your chin & neck though, and the results are amazing!






Packages: Body Contouring, Cellulite, Detox & Stretch Marks


The It Works Body Wrap known as the Ultimate Body Applicator contouring wrap helps you tighten, firm and tone any area of your body in just 45 minutes. Diminish the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. There are 4 wraps to a treatment, conveniently packaged with 4 body wraps in a box. 

Buy It Works Ultimate Body Wraps wholesale



The Wrap Pack adds a sample-size tube of Defining Gel to help boost your It Works Body Wrap results and also includes the box of 4 Ultimate Applicator Body Wraps for the ultimate in body contouring. 

Buy It Works Wrap Pack



The Skinny Pack adds Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitor to the box of 4 Body Wraps and a full size tube of Defining Gel for the Ultimate Results at an affordable price. This is our most popular program!

Buy It Works Skinny Pack



It Works Greens SuperfoodGreens – Boost your results by adding the power of Greens superfoods to detox, alkalize and balance your body’s pH, with powerful probiotics, and antioxidants to support your immune system.  With 8 servings of vegetables & fruits, 38 superfoods and herbs in each serving of Greens you’ll be getting the power of juicing, without the time, expense or the mess.  Choose Berry or Orange Greens with no added sugars, or any artificial sweeteners.  Greens are sweetened naturally, and taste incredible mixed into water, juice, or your favorite smoothie.

Buy It Works Greens



Ultimate ThermoFIT – Ready to take your weight loss results to a whole nutha’ level?  With Ultimate ThermoFIT you’ll gain the benefits of capsicum chili peppers and acai berry to boost your metabolic rate, promote increased calorie burning, and reduce your appetite.  ThermoFIT provides energy, with no jittery side effects. 

Buy It Works Thermofit




Keep us updated on your results!

Questions?     Call or text us at 270-875-5686


  Your information will never be sold, or shared with any 3rd party. The information you share with us is only used to provide you the information you request.  

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