Black tile kitchen 2018

It’s been awhile since I caught y’all up on the kitchen situation. Well, the beadboard is kicking our butts!

I need to clarify that we (the LOML and myself) are novices when it comes to trim. We’ve hung some picture frame molding, beadboard, trimmed out our. But we are losing the battle of the trim and beadboard backsplash in our kitchen redo.

We were planning on covering the tile backsplash with the beadboard paneling and adding a little trim to complete the ends. In two places, we were going to bring out the beadboard past the tile and onto the wall to the end of the countertop like this:

Beadboard backsplash

Our tile stops where the cabinet ends. So we had to bring the wall out to be even with the tile. Does that make sense?? Here’s what we tried to do:

We nailed a piece of 1/2″ plywood to the wall. Then we were going to glue the beadboard to the tile and plywood. Well, the wall did not cooperate! It was so uneven, we couldn’t even get the board to stick. If one end stuck, the other end popped out. Oh brother! So we scrapped the plywood idea!

Here’s what we ended up doing:

FIRST we glued the bottom trim to the countertop up against the tile using clear Waterproof Silicone.

We’re using EverTrue 8′ Stain grade panel molding. It has a little ledge on the back where the beadboard will sit.

SECOND we glued the beadboard to the wall using PL Construction Adhesive.

THIRD we added the same trim to the top of the paneling just under the cabinet and a 1″ dowel to finish the edge.

FOURTH Two coats of white Sherwin Williams ProClassic gloss paint and it was complete.

And BEAUTIFUL!! But before I show you the BEFORE & AFTER, a few minor details…

We cut the outlet holes out of the paneling with a great idea I’ve seen many of you smart DIYers out there do. I painted the outlet with lipstick, put the paneling in place and pressed. Then we took the paneling off, and the lipstick told us exactly where to cut the holes. Clever, huh?

 We also added outlet spacers so the outlet cover would fit with the paneling.

FIFTH (and the funnest) is to accessorize!!


I found the cute saying at a street fair in our town, the apples are from WalMart, and the trifle bowl I’ve had forever.



I got the lamp at WalMart along with the sweet plant, and the calendar I got from a friend. A little before and after of the lamp below.



I spray painted with two coats of Valspar The Perfect Finish Satin paint in Everglade Glen. Then I sprayed with two coats of Valspar clear gloss.

I just had to buy these sayings when I saw them. So Sweet!

The baskets I’ve had forever. I can’t even remember where I bought them. And  the Key Lime candles I also bought at WalMart. They smell SO good!

I bought this drawer box from Lillian Vernon to organize all my kids’ school papers. Son #4 put two coats of the same paint we used for the cabinets. A little before and after again. After came first.

Okay, the final reveal. Now, black tile kitchen 2018 so far we have just finished the desk area but wow what a difference. It’s so much more cheerful and bright and oh so clean!!

Here’s the BEFORE

And the beautiful AFTER!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed pictures of a part of my kitchen redo. I’m having so much fun!!

Good night!

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