Bed furniture design 2018


  • This Wisteria design features tons of secret compartments and hidden mechanisms

    To us, nothing can beat the elegant complexity of cabinetmaker David Roentgen's ingenious pieces from the 18th Century. But that doesn't stop people from trying. Here, San-Diego-based furnituremaker Craig Thibodeau tries to out-Roentgen Roentgen, with this incredibly complex Wisteria Puzzle Cabinet, created in collaboration with puzzle designer Robert Yarger:

  • The Hondo Base Camp Chair looks to be design an uncompromising design

    Yeti, manufacturer of high-end coolers, has applied their fastidious design skills to outdoor furniture. "With a reputation to uphold for durability," the company writes, "we looked to wilderness-tested gear – from climbing harness fabric to downhill mountain bike frames – to create a nearly-indestructible, incredibly comfortable place to park yourself."

  • To celebrate their 75th anniversary, they're going digging in the crates

    Ikea Bringing Back Vintage Furniture from the '50s, '70s and '90s To celebrate their 75th anniversary, they're going digging in the crates This year marks Ikea's 75th year in business, and to celebrate the company is dusting off old blueprints and reviving some designs from the past. The plan is

  • Handy storage compartments make this an ideal place to sit for extended periods of time

    Here's an interesting piece of furniture: Michael Cooper's Pack Horse chair not only features a built-in bookshelf, but it also has straps to hold down a blanket and side compartments to keep various objects in place. Even though books are pictured, I'm already contemplating which snacks I could fit around

  • The N01: Is it Japanese or Scandinavian?

    There is plenty of spiritual overlap between Japanese and Scandinavian design, and we were thrilled to hear that Oki Sato, principal of Nendo, designed a chair for Fritz Hansen. The resultant N01 is a wooden armchair that would serve as a fine example of the work of either culture.

  • I'm a big fan of pastrami, and I go to Katz's to get it. Katz's has been on Ludlow Street since 1888, and aside from superb pastrami, and what must be the largest restaurant seating capacity in New York City, they have the single coolest water fountain I have ever

  • Fruiting Habits is on display through July 27th

    Artist Jonathan Trayte's first US solo exhibition, Fruiting Habits recently opened at Friedman Benda, and the included pieces are definitely not for the conventional-minded. Trayte's approach to furniture and lighting design is the combination of his fine art/sculpture background and his training as a chef and foundry metal worker. All

  • The Japanese designer developed a method of transferring rust from metal surfaces to acrylic

    When we think of rust, the first thing that comes to mind is "old," as the natural process is an indicator of age for most products and even modes of transportation like motorcycles and boats. Through his experimental materials project Rust Harvest, designer Yuma Kano aims to transform our notion

  • I think carpet is a terrible idea. It seems perfectly formed to trap dirt within the pile, it's a nightmare to clean and it's made out of synthetic fibers. And when I saw this furniture object that incorporated carpet, I wondered what the designer was thinking: Then I saw what

  • Benjamin Benais brings back the portable drafting table

    When was the last time you heard someone say "Back to the drawing board" as a euphemism for reformulating plans? In this age of digital sketching, having an ergonomically slanted surface for drawing on paper no longer seems desirable, at least to mass manufacturers. But French designer Benjamin Benais still

  • This year, WantedDesign Manhattan and WantedDesign Brooklyn once again showed a selection of high-quality projects by designers and design students from around the world. Design students may have had the most speculative, thought-provoking projects at each show, but the professional work held its own, making use of unexpected shapes and

  • Sight Unseen Offsite's main location at 201 Mulberry may have downsized compared to last year, but the quality of works shown at the crowd favorite show remained high. This year's bed furniture design 2018 show was heavily focused on unexpected collaborations, including the mini show-within-a-show Field Studies, which paired celebrities with designers to create

  • The EZ View Desk aims to make finding things easier

    For me, a desk is where the computer lives, and a workbench is a separate piece of furniture on which I make medium-sized, hard-edged objects primarily out of wood. For people producing smaller and softer craft objects, however, the desk and workbench are one and the same. I came across

  • Check out the removable trays and swing-out platforms

    Last weekend I was asked, if I could build any piece of furniture with no production limitations, what would I build? Every designer posed this type of question probably envisions something futuristic, but I had something different in mind. A very unusual antique piece of storage furniture. Knowledgeable vintage hunters

  • This year's Salone Satellite showcased a wide variety of projects, many of which extended beyond traditional furniture design. Throughout Milan Design Week in general, we noticed three material trends—inflatables, foam and ratchet straps—all of which be seen scattered throughout this Satellite recap. Our favorite projects from the extensive exhibition within

  • 2x4s, unfancy hinges, screws and little else

    In order to maximize free space, the photo studio I run on the side contains almost no furniture. Different crews fill the space with different things, from racks of clothing for a catalog shoot to tons of lighting equipment for a documentary interview. And sometimes they build small sets in

  • Eamesy does it

    This video is unfortunately peppered with MarketingSpeak--in particular you can skip the first two minutes and 30 seconds--but it does provide a great look at how the Eames Lounge Chair is made. We urge you to ignore the poorly-written narration, as they say things like "the manufacturing process hasn't

  • If your furniture could talk, what would it say about you?

    When performing personal necessity-driven tasks like sleeping, eating and sitting, we often neglect to consider what the furniture we use during our most personal activities says about ourselves. The objects we choose to surround ourselves with speak miles about who we are as individuals, but that's easy to forget when

  • Humanscale and Bureo are on a mission to drive the circular economy through the NextWave initiative

    Humanscale's latest task chair, Smart Ocean, is an inventive update to the Diffrient Smart task chair, made with recycled fishing net material. The approximately 2 lbs. of recycled plastic used to produce the chair are sourced from ocean plastic pollution-driven company Bureo. Bureo's Net Positiva program transforms plastic fishing nets

  • SHIFT utilizes Really's Solid Textile Board

    Today, industrial design studio LAYER, textile manufacturer Kvadrat and circular economy-focused material company Really announced SHIFT, a shape-shifting retail shelf system that will launch at at Salone del Mobile in a couple of weeks. At first glance, SHIFT looks like a basic wall panel, but when you (literally) peel back

  • When I heard that Ben Carson canceled, after an uproar, the,000 furniture order for his offices, I worried that some independent designer/builder got screwed. Previously we looked at the design/build firm that created a new conference table for the White House and they do good work; I'd hate to

  • Why I think the Swing is better than the Urbana

    Earlier I maligned the Urbana, a dining table that converts into a bookshelf. I criticized the design of the base, the footprint and the overall purpose of it. A company called German Smart Living offers a similar product called the Swing, and the two design details that distinguish it from

  • Shockingly, most of them are less than USD 0

    I think the hours we spend sleeping are enough time to spend in a single piece of furniture. But for those who disagree, there are these sort of super-bed designs coming out of China. They feature a chaise-longue-style massage unit, storage for books or clothes, a pop-up laptop desk, optional

  • Maciej Kozerski's bright idea

    In an older post we looked at Mike Warren's unusual technique of filling voids in wood with photoluminescent resin to create this striking-looking table: In a different post we highlighted the work of Lake Art, a family business that produces laser-cut maps: Independently of these, Poland-based Maciej Kozerski has combined

  • Auditorium seating might not sound like a glamorous subcategory of furniture design, but when it's done right, it really stands out. Previously the neatest system we'd ever seen was the Genya system, designed by Dante Bonuccelli and produced by Italian manufacturer Lamm. Another nifty system is Ziba's Jumpseat Auditorium Seating,

  • …with integrated pen/pencil storage tube

    In Part 2 of our recent interview, Chris Schwarz mentioned the importance of not letting a machine's limitations dictate your designs. Moving forward, I want to start showing you some examples of modern, functional items designed to be built by handwork. Australia-based YouTuber, craftsman and instructor Mitch Peacock came up

  • Here are two pieces of furniture that transform, and that don't make any sense to me. First up the Twofold: Okay, so it's supposed to be a wall shelf that can turn into a desk. But as you can see, it's not deep enough to hold a laptop unless you

  • James Ludwig discusses the unique design process behind new office chair SILQ

    Steelcase recently announced SILQ, an office chair inspired by the sleekness of aerospace designs and the high-performance of Paralympic prosthetic legs. While the chair itself is beautiful and the inspiration is clear in the final result, SILQ's uniqueness lies in its revolt against the corporate design process, stagnant work days

  • Given the popularity of Ikea-hacking, it was inevitable that Ikea would court those who like to modify their furniture. Thus the company has collaborated with Tom Dixon and created the Delaktig, a sort of furniture platform that end users are meant to customize with add-ons either purchased or DIY'ed. The

  • On Saturday Wendell Castle, furniture designer/builder, educator and former instructor at R.I.T.'s School of American Craftsmen, passed away at the age of 85. Castle was a true pioneer who bridged the gap between furniture design and art. A native of Kansas, Castle attended the University of Kansas and earned a

  • We've seen a lot of hidden compartment furniture lately, but this company takes the cake. QLine Designs is a New-Hampshire-based design/build firm that produces high-quality pieces made from solid wood and using traditional techniques. Decidedly untraditional are the clever ways in which they've added secret storage, accessed in unusual




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