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Release Year: 2005

When their dad disappears while tracking evil forces, brothers Sam and Dean put their differences aside and embark on a mission to find him.

Watch Pilot. Episode 1 of Season 1.

1. Pilot


Two brothers witness their mother's paranormal death and are trained to fight by their father, who aims to hunt down the thing that killed his wife.

Watch Wendigo. Episode 2 of Season 1.

2. Wendigo


Sam and Dean follow the coordinates in their father's journal and land in Colorado, where they investigate the disappearance of several campers.

Watch Dead in the Water. Episode 3 of Season 1.

3. Dead in the Water


In a small town in Wisconsin, Sam and Dean investigate a series of mysterious drownings officially explained as suicides.

Watch Phantom Traveler. Episode 4 of Season 1.

4. Phantom Traveler


On United Britannia flight 2485, a man possessed by the spirit of the Phantom Traveler causes the plane to crash, leaving only seven survivors.

Watch Bloody Mary. Episode 5 of Season 1.

5. Bloody Mary


Several high schoolers dare their friend to look into a mirror and repeat a chant, not knowing that this will unleash a series of mysterious murders.

Watch Skin. Episode 6 of Season 1.

6. Skin


Sam and Dean help Sam's old college buddy after he is accused of a murder he swears he didn't commit.

Watch Hook Man. Episode 7 of Season 1.

7. Hook Man


In a small town in Iowa, Sam and Dean encounter the infamous "Hook Man," a spirit who kills his victims with a shiny hook that serves as his hand.

Watch Bugs. Episode 8 of Season 1.

8. Bugs


Sam and Dean investigate a town's history and find that a new housing development is being built on sacred Native American land.

Watch Home. Episode 9 of Season 1.

9. Home


Sam is haunted by a vision of a woman trapped in the brothers' childhood home and convinces a reluctant Dean that they need to go back there.

Watch Asylum. Episode 10 of Season 1.

10. Asylum


Sam and Dean investigate an abandoned sanitarium and discover the patients had revolted against the cruel punishments inflicted by the head doctor.

Watch Scarecrow. Episode 11 of Season 1.

11. Scarecrow


Sam and Dean finally make contact with their father, but he tells them to stop looking for him and sends them on another ghost-hunting job.

Watch Faith. Episode 12 of Season 1.

12. Faith


While battling a demon, Dean is electrocuted, resulting in permanent damage to his heart and leaving him with only a couple of months to live.

Watch Route 666. Episode 13 of Season 1.

13. Route 666


Dean is contacted by his first love, Cassie, a girl who asks him to come to Mississippi to investigate a string of racially motivated murders.

Watch Nightmare. Episode 14 of Season 1.

14. Nightmare


Sam has a premonition in which a man is killed, but the murder is made to look like a suicide.

Watch The Benders. Episode 15 of Season 1.

15. The Benders


Sam and Dean head to Minnesota, where a young boy witnesses a man vanishing into thin air.

Watch Shadow. Episode 16 of Season 1.

16. Shadow


While investigating a mysterious death in Chicago, Sam and Dean run into Meg, who is thrilled to see Sam again.

Watch Hell House. Episode 17 of Season 1.

17. Hell House


Sam and Dean investigate a house haunted by the ghost of a man who killed his six daughters during the 1930s.

Watch Something Wicked this Way Comes. Episode 18 of Season 1.

18. Something Wicked this Way Comes


Sam and Dean investigate a small town in Wisconsin where children are falling into comas for no apparent reason.

Watch Provenance. Episode 19 of Season 1.

19. Provenance


A young husband and wife are killed in their home shortly after buying an antique painting of a family portrait from around 1910.

Watch Dead Man's Blood. Episode 20 of Season 1.

20. Dead Man's Blood


After a vampire hunter who was John's mentor is murdered, Sam and Dean are surprised when John himself shows up to solve the case.

Watch Salvation. Episode 21 of Season 1.

21. Salvation


After Sam has a vision of a family being attacked, the brothers and their father head to Salvation, Iowa, to save the family in Sam's dream.

Watch Devil's Trap. Episode 22 of Season 1.

22. Devil's Trap


On a mission to save their father from Meg, Sam and Dean seek help from an old family friend.

Release Year: 2005

Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester investigate spooky mysteries that come their way as they travel the country in search of their missing father.

Watch In My Time of Dying. Episode 1 of Season 2.

1. In My Time of Dying


Sam, Dean and John were left for dead after the Demon plowed a truck into the Impala. Now the surviving family members must face a powerful adversary.

Watch Everybody Loves a Clown. Episode 2 of Season 2.

2. Everybody Loves a Clown


After listening to a message on John's cell phone from a woman named Ellen, Sam and Dean decide to track her down.

Watch Bloodlust. Episode 3 of Season 2.

3. Bloodlust


Sam and Dean encounter Gordon, a fellow demon hunter who has been systematically killing vampires in a small town.

Watch Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. Episode 4 of Season 2.

4. Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things


Dean and Sam investigate the murder of a college student who has come back from the dead seeking revenge on those who mistreated her.

Watch Simon Said. Episode 5 of Season 2.

5. Simon Said


Sam and Dean meet Andy, a slacker who has psychic powers of persuasion that he uses to gain favors from people.

Watch No Exit. Episode 6 of Season 2.

6. No Exit


Sam and Dean investigate the brutal slayings of blonde women from the same apartment building.

Watch The Usual Suspects. Episode 7 of Season 2.

7. The Usual Suspects


Sam and Dean investigate the murder of a lawyer and his wife. Right before they died, they claimed they'd seen a ghost.

Watch Crossroad Blues. Episode 8 of Season 2.

8. Crossroad Blues


When two highly successful professionals die after claiming to be haunted by hellhounds, Sam and Dean investigate a local bar.

Watch Croatoan. Episode 9 of Season 2.

9. Croatoan


When Sam has a vision of Dean killing a young man who seems to be possessed by a demon, the two brothers head to Oregon to search for answers.

Watch Hunted. Episode 10 of Season 2.

10. Hunted


After Dean tells Sam what their father told him before he died, the distraught Sam sneaks off to Indiana alone.

Watch Playthings. Episode 11 of Season 2.

11. Playthings


Sam and Dean investigate two strange deaths at a small Connecticut inn run by a single mom whose young daughter plays with an imaginary friend.

Watch Night Shifter. Episode 12 of Season 2.

12. Night Shifter


Sam and Dean investigate a string of robberies with a disturbing pattern.

Watch Houses of the Holy. Episode 13 of Season 2.

13. Houses of the Holy


Sam and Dean investigate the murders of several people by individuals who claim they were visited by an angel and were carrying out God's will.

Watch Born Under a Bad Sign. Episode 14 of Season 2.

14. Born Under a Bad Sign


After receiving a frantic call from Sam, who has been missing for more than a week, Dean races to his brother's side.

Watch Tall Tales. Episode 15 of Season 2.

15. Tall Tales


Sam and Dean call on their friend Bobby for help after they are stumped by violent and inexplicable happenings on a local college campus.

Watch Roadkill. Episode 16 of Season 2.

16. Roadkill


While driving down a deserted road, Sam and Dean are startled when a bloody woman runs in front of the Impala, screaming for help.

Watch Heart. Episode 17 of Season 2.

17. Heart


While investigating the death of a lawyer who appeared to have been killed by a wild animal, Sam and Dean realize they are tracking a werewolf.

Watch Hollywood Babylon. Episode 18 of Season 2.

18. Hollywood Babylon


Sam and Dean travel to Hollywood to investigate the death of an actor on a horror film set after rumors spread that he was killed by a ghost.

Watch Folsom Prison Blues. Episode 19 of Season 2.

19. Folsom Prison Blues


After hearing about a ghost that has been killing off prison inmates one by one, Sam and Dean decide the best way to investigate is from the inside.

Watch What Is and What Should Never Be. Episode 20 of Season 2.

20. What Is and What Should Never Be


While hunting a djinn, or genie, Dean is attacked and transported to an alternate world.

Watch All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1. Episode 21 of Season 2.

21. All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1


Sam is abducted by the yellow-eyed demon and finds himself in a ghost town with children who have special abilities.

Watch All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2. Episode 22 of Season 2.

22. All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2


While dealing with the aftermath of the fight between Sam and Jake, Dean pays a steep price for his involvement.

Release Year: 2005

Siblings Sam and Dean face off against more otherworldly adversaries, including a group of hellhounds representing the seven deadly sins.

Watch The Magnificent Seven. Episode 1 of Season 3.

1. The Magnificent Seven


Sam and Dean realize they have an enormous task: hunting down the hundreds of demons that escaped from the Devil's Gate.

Watch The Kids Are Alright. Episode 2 of Season 3.

2. The Kids Are Alright


Dean pressures Sam into traveling to Cicero, Ind., so Dean can visit an old flame named Lisa, with whom he had a tryst nine years ago.

Watch Bad Day at Black Rock. Episode 3 of Season 3.

3. Bad Day at Black Rock


Sam and Dean answer a call on their father's old cell phone, alerting them that someone has broken into their dad's secret storage room in New York.

Watch Sin City. Episode 4 of Season 3.

4. Sin City


Sam and Dean investigate a rash of violent deaths in Elizabethville, Ohio, a once-sleepy town that has become a haven for gamblers and drinkers.

Watch Bedtime Stories. Episode 5 of Season 3.

5. Bedtime Stories


Sam and Dean investigate a small town that has been plagued by a number of strange murders mimicking fairy tales.

Watch Red Sky at Morning. Episode 6 of Season 3.

6. Red Sky at Morning


Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious demise of drowning victims who were nowhere near water at the time of their death.

Watch Fresh Blood. Episode 7 of Season 3.

7. Fresh Blood


Sam and Dean capture a female vampire named Lucy who claims to have no knowledge of how she became a vampire.

Watch A Very Supernatural Christmas. Episode 8 of Season 3.

8. A Very Supernatural Christmas


It's Christmastime, and Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders where the victims were pulled up through chimneys.

Watch Malleus Maleficarum. Episode 9 of Season 3.

9. Malleus Maleficarum


Sam and Dean travel to Sturbridge, Mass., and discover a coven of witches that has killed two people.

Watch Dream a Little Dream of Me. Episode 10 of Season 3.

10. Dream a Little Dream of Me


When Bobby falls into a coma and can't be awakened, Sam and Dean race to his side.

Watch Mystery Spot. Episode 11 of Season 3.

11. Mystery Spot


While Sam and Dean are investigating the disappearance of a man from a tourist location, Dean is shot and killed.

Watch Jus in Bello. Episode 12 of Season 3.

12. Jus in Bello


Sam and Dean break into Bela's apartment in order to get the Colt back, but she has tipped off Agent Henriksen to their whereabouts.

Watch Ghostfacers!. Episode 13 of Season 3.

13. Ghostfacers!


Sam and Dean stumble into starring roles on a gritty reality show called "Ghostfacers," which chronicles the pursuit of the paranormal.

Watch Long-Distance Call. Episode 14 of Season 3.

14. Long-Distance Call


Dean is stunned to receive a phone call from his dad, who says he has a solution to get Dean out of his deal.

Watch Time is on My Side. Episode 15 of Season 3.

15. Time is on My Side


As time runs out for Dean, Sam convinces him to head to Erie, Pa., to investigate a possible zombie case.

Watch No Rest for The Wicked. Episode 16 of Season 3.

16. No Rest for The Wicked


In a battle to the death, Sam, Dean and Bob take on Lilith and all her demons in a last-ditch effort to save Dean's life.

Release Year: 2005

As war against the demons draws near, brothers Sam and Dean investigate paranormal events as they confront their roles as saviors of mankind.

Watch Lazarus Rising. Episode 1 of Season 4.

1. Lazarus Rising


Dean wakes up in a pine box, freed from Hell. He has a joyful reunion with Sam but they wonder what pulled Dean from Hell -- and why.

Watch Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester. Episode 2 of Season 4.

2. Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester


Sam and Dean are stunned when the spirits of Meg and Agent Henricksen appear.

Watch In the Beginning. Episode 3 of Season 4.

3. In the Beginning


Dean is transported back in time and finds that his newfound grandfather may be hiding a secret that is key to Sam and Dean's predicament.

Watch Metamorphosis. Episode 4 of Season 4.

4. Metamorphosis


Sam and Dean find that a family man is turning into a flesh-eating monster, and they argue about killing him.

Watch Monster Movie. Episode 5 of Season 4.

5. Monster Movie


Dean and Sam investigate murders at Oktoberfest. Dean determines a shape-shifter demon is appearing as iconic monsters from old Hollywood movies.

Watch Yellow Fever. Episode 6 of Season 4.

6. Yellow Fever


Dean is infected with an illness that starts as anxiety, but moves to full-blown terror and stops the heart.

Watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester. Episode 7 of Season 4.

7. It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester


The brothers deduce a witch is sacrificing people to summon a dangerous demon. Robert Wisdom guest stars as Uriel, a specialist angel.

Watch Wishful Thinking. Episode 8 of Season 4.

8. Wishful Thinking


Sam and Dean investigate a small town where a wishing well actually works. The brothers realize, however, that the end result could be disastrous.

Watch I Know What You Did Last Summer. Episode 9 of Season 4.

9. I Know What You Did Last Summer


Ruby, Sam and Dean look for a girl who hears the angels. Castiel and Uriel return.

Watch Heaven and Hell. Episode 10 of Season 4.

10. Heaven and Hell


Anna recalls her past and Sam and Dean understand why Castiel and Uriel want her dead.

Watch Family Remains. Episode 11 of Season 4.

11. Family Remains


Sam and Dean investigate the appearance of a young female ghost in an abandoned house, but things become more complicated when a family moves in.

Watch Criss Angel is a Douche Bag. Episode 12 of Season 4.

12. Criss Angel is a Douche Bag


Barry Bostwick, John Rubinstein and Richard Libertini guest star as three friends who used to be famous magicians but have since been replaced.

Watch After School Special. Episode 13 of Season 4.

13. After School Special


Sam and Dean go undercover at their old high school, causing them to flash back to when Sam was picked on by the school bully and Dean was popular.

Watch Sex and Violence. Episode 14 of Season 4.

14. Sex and Violence


Sam and Dean find three small-town men have beaten their wives to death. Behind the murders is a siren, who puts the brothers under her spell.

Watch Death Takes a Holiday. Episode 15 of Season 4.

15. Death Takes a Holiday


Pamela sends the boys to the spiritual world when they find people cheating death. They must face Alastair, who is kidnapping the Reapers.

Watch On the Head of a Pin. Episode 16 of Season 4.

16. On the Head of a Pin


Castiel and Uriel capture Alastair, and ask Dean to torture him with skills he learned in Hell.

Watch It's a Terrible Life. Episode 17 of Season 4.

17. It's a Terrible Life


What if the Winchesters weren't hunters? In this alternate life, Dean is a corporate man who enjoys health drinks and Sam is in tech support.

Watch The Monster at the End of This Book. Episode 18 of Season 4.

18. The Monster at the End of This Book


Sam and Dean discover "Supernatural," a series of books that accurately detail their lives as demon hunters.

Watch Jump the Shark. Episode 19 of Season 4.

19. Jump the Shark


A 19-year-old boy named Adam calls Sam and Dean looking for John Winchester; the boy claims to be his son.

Watch The Rapture. Episode 20 of Season 4.

20. The Rapture


Dean and Sam search for Castiel, who appeared to Dean in a dream. Instead, they find Castiel's human vessel, who has little memory of being an angel.

Watch When the Levee Breaks. Episode 21 of Season 4.

21. When the Levee Breaks


Dean and Bobby lock Sam in Bobby's panic room so he can detox from the demon blood. Sam and Dean have a big blowout confrontation.

Watch Lucifer Rising. Episode 22 of Season 4.

22. Lucifer Rising


Sam and Dean prepare for the apocalypse in different ways. Ruby, Lilith, Castiel and Zachariah appear.

Release Year: 2005

Regrouping after a tumultuous year, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester continue to face unexplained phenomena on their quest to rid the world of demons.

Watch Sympathy for the Devil. Episode 1 of Season 5.

1. Sympathy for the Devil


Dean and Sam watch as the devil emerges from hell and must deal with the aftermath.

Watch Good God, Y'all!. Episode 2 of Season 5.

2. Good God, Y'all!


While Castiel goes in search of God in the fight against Lucifer, Sam and Dean help an old hunter friend of Bobby's.

Watch Free to Be You and Me. Episode 3 of Season 5.

3. Free to Be You and Me


Not sure he trusts himself anymore, Sam decides to give up hunting. Meanwhile, Dean teams up with Castiel to find the Archangel Raphael.

Watch The End. Episode 4 of Season 5.

4. The End


Dean gets a glimpse of the future in which humans have been infected with a demonic virus that turns them into zombies.

Watch Fallen Idols. Episode 5 of Season 5.

5. Fallen Idols


Sam and Dean reunite to investigate a small town whose inhabitants are being killed by famous dead people.

Watch I Believe the Children Are Our Future. Episode 6 of Season 5.

6. I Believe the Children Are Our Future


Investigating a series of odd murders that resemble fairy tales and urban legends, Sam and Dean track down a dangerous boy named Jesse.

Watch The Curious Case of Dean Winchester. Episode 7 of Season 5.

7. The Curious Case of Dean Winchester


Sam and Dean play a high-stakes poker game with a witch where the currency is life years -- not money.

Watch Changing Channels. Episode 8 of Season 5.

8. Changing Channels


Sam and Dean get stuck in TV Hell when the Trickster imprisons them in an alternate universe.

Watch The Real Ghostbusters. Episode 9 of Season 5.

9. The Real Ghostbusters


Sam and Dean attend a "Supernatural" fan convention -- complete with fans dressed up as Sam and Dean.

Watch Abandon All Hope. Episode 10 of Season 5.

10. Abandon All Hope


It's a hunters' reunion when Sam and Dean face off against Lucifer with the help of Castiel, Bobby, Ellen and Jo.

Watch Sam, Interrupted. Episode 11 of Season 5.

11. Sam, Interrupted


Sam and Dean check into a mental hospital to investigate a mysterious monster that's been attacking the patients.

Watch Swap Meat. Episode 12 of Season 5.

12. Swap Meat


A teenage nerd conjures up a body-switching spell and changes bodies with Sam.

Watch The Song Remains the Same. Episode 13 of Season 5.

13. The Song Remains the Same


The angels go back in time to kill John and Mary Winchester before they can conceive Sam.

Watch My Bloody Valentine. Episode 14 of Season 5.

14. My Bloody Valentine


Castiel helps Sam and Dean hunt down Cupid on Valentine's Day after people begin killing each other for love.

Watch Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid. Episode 15 of Season 5.

15. Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid


The dead are rising from their graves and happily reuniting with their families in Bobby's hometown.

Watch Dark Side of the Moon. Episode 16 of Season 5.

16. Dark Side of the Moon


Ambushed by angry hunters, Sam and Dean are shot and killed and sent to heaven!

Watch 99 Problems. Episode 17 of Season 5.

17. 99 Problems


Outnumbered by demons, Sam and Dean are saved at the last minute by a hunter and his very religious townspeople.

Watch Point of No Return. Episode 18 of Season 5.

18. Point of No Return


When Dean learns that the angels have decided they don't need him anymore, he joins with Sam and Castiel to take on Zachariah.

Watch Hammer of the Gods. Episode 19 of Season 5.

19. Hammer of the Gods


Sam and Dean are held hostage by a group of gods who want to use them as bargaining chips to stop the apocalypse.

Watch The Devil You Know. Episode 20 of Season 5.

20. The Devil You Know


The demon Crowley offers to help Sam and Dean find the remaining Horsemen by leading them to the Handler for Pestilence and Death.

Watch Two Minutes to Midnight. Episode 21 of Season 5.

21. Two Minutes to Midnight


Bobby sells his soul to the demon Crowley in exchange for the location of the Fourth Horseman.

Watch Swan Song. Episode 22 of Season 5.

22. Swan Song


With the apocalypse looming in a showdown between good and evil, Sam and Dean realize they are out of options.

Release Year: 2005

After fighting Lucifer himself, the courageous demon-hunting brothers, Sam and Dean, return for more thrilling adventures and mysteries.

Watch Exile on Main St.. Episode 1 of Season 6.

1. Exile on Main St.


Mysteriously freed from hell, Sam finds Dean and tells him he needs to rejoin the fight.

Watch Two and a Half Men. Episode 2 of Season 6.

2. Two and a Half Men


Sam investigates a case involving missing babies whose parents are being murdered.

Watch The Third Man. Episode 3 of Season 6.

3. The Third Man


Investigating a case of biblical plagues, Sam and Dean call Castiel for help and learn that God's weapons have been stolen.

Watch Weekend at Bobby's. Episode 4 of Season 6.

4. Weekend at Bobby's


After Bobby discovers Crowley has no intentions of returning Bobby's soul, the hunter takes matters into his own hands.

Watch Live Free or Twi-hard. Episode 5 of Season 6.

5. Live Free or Twi-hard


After fighting a group of vampires, Dean is bitten and turns into a vampire.

Watch You Can't Handle the Truth. Episode 6 of Season 6.

6. You Can't Handle the Truth


Sam and Dean investigate a series of suicides and discover that someone is invoking the Goddess of Truth, forcing people to be cruelly honest.

Watch Family Matters. Episode 7 of Season 6.

7. Family Matters


Dean becomes suspicious of Samuel's motives when the brothers go along on a hunt with their grandfather and the other Campbells and things go awry.

Watch All Dogs Go to Heaven. Episode 8 of Season 6.

8. All Dogs Go to Heaven


Sent to investigate an apparent werewolf attack, Dean and Sam follow the clues to a mother and son with an unusual dog.

Watch Clap Your Hands if You Believe. Episode 9 of Season 6.

9. Clap Your Hands if You Believe


While Sam and Dean are investigating a UFO sighting, Dean is abducted from a crop circle.

Watch Caged Heat. Episode 10 of Season 6.

10. Caged Heat


The demon Meg kidnaps Sam and Dean for information on Crowley. Sam offers to help her if she'll help get his soul back.

Watch Appointment in Samarra. Episode 11 of Season 6.

11. Appointment in Samarra


Dean makes a deal with Death to help get Sam's soul back, but Sam decides that he doesn't want it back and enlists help to keep it that way.

Watch Like a Virgin. Episode 12 of Season 6.

12. Like a Virgin


When Dean and Sam discover what's behind the disappearance of several virgins, they turn to an expert in medieval lore for help.

Watch Unforgiven. Episode 13 of Season 6.

13. Unforgiven


When Sam receives a mysterious text with coordinates to a small town, he starts to have flashbacks to an old case.

Watch Mannequin 3: The Reckoning. Episode 14 of Season 6.

14. Mannequin 3: The Reckoning


When Ben calls Dean and tells him that Lisa is in trouble, Dean leaves Sam to investigate a case alone and rushes to the rescue.

Watch The French Mistake. Episode 15 of Season 6.

15. The French Mistake


Sam and Dean are transported to an alternate reality where they are the stars of a TV show called "Supernatural."

Watch...And Then There Were None. Episode 16 of Season 6.

16....And Then There Were None


In search of the Mother of All's latest monster, Sam, Dean and Bobby run into Samuel and Gwen Campbell and fight about how to handle the case.

Watch My Heart Will Go On. Episode 17 of Season 6.

17. My Heart Will Go On


Castiel tells Sam and Dean that Fate is very upset with the two of them and the only way they can stay alive is to kill her.

Watch Frontierland. Episode 18 of Season 6.

18. Frontierland


Sam and Dean are sent back in time to the Wild West so they can meet Samuel Colt and ask him for his help in defeating Eve.

Watch Mommy Dearest. Episode 19 of Season 6.

19. Mommy Dearest


Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel track Eve to a small Oregon town, where she's transforming the inhabitants into demons.

Watch The Man Who Would Be King. Episode 20 of Season 6.

20. The Man Who Would Be King


Castiel tells Sam, Dean and Bobby about the war in heaven and how he and Raphael became enemies.

Watch Let It Bleed. Episode 21 of Season 6.

21. Let It Bleed


Dean's worst nightmare comes true when a demon kidnaps Ben and Lisa to get to him.

Watch The Man Who Knew Too Much. Episode 22 of Season 6.

22. The Man Who Knew Too Much


The wall comes down in Sam's mind and all hell breaks loose, while Dean and Bobby are powerless to help. The battle for heaven comes to a head.

Release Year: 2005

Season 7 finds Sam and Dean dealing with their one-time friend Castiel, who has been transformed from an angel to a not-so-benevolent "god."

Watch Meet the New Boss. Episode 1 of Season 7.

1. Meet the New Boss


Assuming his new role as God, Castiel sets out to right some of the wrongs in the world. And Dean decides to bind Death in order to stop him.

Watch Hello, Cruel World. Episode 2 of Season 7.

2. Hello, Cruel World


While Castiel struggles with the burdens of his absolute power, the broken psychological wall in Sam's mind leaves him unable to discern what's real.

Watch The Girl Next Door. Episode 3 of Season 7.

3. The Girl Next Door


Dean is furious when Sam disappears to follow a case with clues identical to a case Sam solved as a kid. And Sam meets a demon he defeated years ago.

Watch Defending Your Life. Episode 4 of Season 7.

4. Defending Your Life


Investigating a string of gruesome murders, Sam and Dean discover the vengeful Egyptian god Osiris, who puts Dean on trial for his past mistakes.

Watch Shut Up, Dr. Phil. Episode 5 of Season 7.

5. Shut Up, Dr. Phil


Sam and Dean track down a witch who's taking out her wrath for her unfaithful husband on the entire town.

Watch Slash Fiction. Episode 6 of Season 7.

6. Slash Fiction


Once again on the FBI's "Most Wanted" list, Sam and Dean seek help from a friend of Bobby's when two Leviathans go on a killing spree as Sam and Dean.

Watch The Mentalists. Episode 7 of Season 7.

7. The Mentalists


Sam and Dean investigate an angry spirit killing the resident mediums of Lily Dale, the most "psychic" town in America.

Watch Season 7, Time for a Wedding!. Episode 8 of Season 7.

8. Season 7, Time for a Wedding!


While Sam's entangled with someone from his past, Dean reluctantly teams up with a quirky laidback hunter named Garth.

Watch How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters. Episode 9 of Season 7.

9. How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters


Sam and Dean track the Jersey Devil, a creature suspected of attacking people in the woods, and encounter a monster sandwich with nasty side effects.

Watch Death's Door. Episode 10 of Season 7.

10. Death's Door


Bobby seeks the help of an unlikely old friend to solve one of the most personal cases of his life.

Watch Adventures In Babysitting. Episode 11 of Season 7.

11. Adventures In Babysitting


While Dean becomes obsessed with eliminating Dick Roman, Sam helps a teenage girl look for her father, a hunter who's gone missing.

Watch Time After Time. Episode 12 of Season 7.

12. Time After Time


The God of Time who sends Dean back to 1944, where he is immediately arrested by the legendary Eliot Ness who, surprisingly, is also a hunter.

Watch The Slice Girls. Episode 13 of Season 7.

13. The Slice Girls


Dean's rendezvous with an Amazon warrior has serious complications!

Watch Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie. Episode 14 of Season 7.

14. Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie


Sam confronts his fear of clowns when he and Dean investigate a children's pizza chain that's manifesting children's worst (and deadliest) fears.

Watch Repo Man. Episode 15 of Season 7.

15. Repo Man


Sam and Dean investigate the apparent reappearance of a demon they exorcised years ago.

Watch Out With the Old. Episode 16 of Season 7.

16. Out With the Old


Sam and Dean visit a town gone haywire after a large collection of cursed objects is mistakenly released.

Watch The Born-Again Identity. Episode 17 of Season 7.

17. The Born-Again Identity


Desperate to save Sam from Lucifer, Dean calls every hunter for help, but instead meets a healer with a familiar face.

Watch Party On, Garth. Episode 18 of Season 7.

18. Party On, Garth


Garth needs the Winchesters' help on a case, battling a Shojo -- a Japanese creature sent to seek revenge on enemies.

Watch Of Grave Importance. Episode 19 of Season 7.

19. Of Grave Importance


Sam and Dean get a call from a hunter friend, Annie, asking for help on a case. They arrive town only to discover that Annie is missing.

Watch The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo. Episode 20 of Season 7.

20. The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo


An unsuspecting, but hip hacker is hired by Dick Roman to break through Frank's firewall and gain information on the Winchesters.

Watch Reading is Fundamental. Episode 21 of Season 7.

21. Reading is Fundamental


At the same time that Castiel emerges from his comatose state, a young boy emerges as a reluctant prophet -- with the key to defeating Leviathans.

Watch There Will Be Blood. Episode 22 of Season 7.

22. There Will Be Blood


To defeat Dick Roman and the Leviathans, Sam and Dean must locate three key items that must be retrieved from Castiel, Crowley and an Alpha Vampire!

Watch Survival of the Fittest. Episode 23 of Season 7.

23. Survival of the Fittest


In order to stop Dick Roman and the Leviathans, Sam and Dean must team up with Castiel, Bobby, Meg and the prophet Kevin to storm SucroCorp.

Release Year: 2005

Siblings Sam and Dean continue their fate-ordered crusade against the forces of evil, including vampires, shape-shifters and Lucifer himself.

Watch We Need to Talk About Kevin. Episode 1 of Season 8.

1. We Need to Talk About Kevin


After escaping from Purgatory (but not alone), Dean heads tattoo straight for Sam, but the reunion isn't exactly everything he imagined it would be.

Watch What's Up, Tiger Mommy?. Episode 2 of Season 8.

2. What's Up, Tiger Mommy?


Checking in on Kevin's mom, the Winchesters discover that Crowley has surrounded her with demons, so they save her and take her along on their quest.

Watch Heartache. Episode 3 of Season 8.

3. Heartache


Sam and Dean investigate a string of unusual murders in which the victims were all recipients of organs from the same donor.

Watch Bitten. Episode 4 of Season 8.

4. Bitten


Close on the tail of their suspect, Sam and Dean bust into an apartment to find two dead bodies and a laptop cued up to some disturbing video footage.

Watch Blood Brother. Episode 5 of Season 8.

5. Blood Brother


After Dean's vampire companion in Purgatory, Benny, gets brutally beat up by his own kind, he calls Dean for help in going after his maker.

Watch Southern Comfort. Episode 6 of Season 8.

6. Southern Comfort


Investigating a murder, Sam and Dean find that Garth is already on the case. Garth says since the brothers went missing, someone needed to step up.

Watch A Little Slice of Kevin. Episode 7 of Season 8.

7. A Little Slice of Kevin


Castiel suddenly appears back on Earth with no memory of how he escaped from Purgatory. Mrs. Tran enlists a witch to concoct a demon bomb.

Watch Hunteri Heroici. Episode 8 of Season 8.

8. Hunteri Heroici


After learning that Castiel plans to be a hunter, Sam and Dean join him in investigating a case where a man's heart literally burst through his chest.

Watch Citizen Fang. Episode 9 of Season 8.

9. Citizen Fang


Sam and Dean are at odds after Sam asks a hunter named Martin to keep an eye on Benny without telling Dean.

Watch Torn and Frayed. Episode 10 of Season 8.

10. Torn and Frayed


Naomi tells Castiel that Crowley is holding an angel captive, and Castiel must rescue him before Crowley's torture reveals their secrets.

Watch LARP and the Real Girl. Episode 11 of Season 8.

11. LARP and the Real Girl


Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious deaths of two LARPers (Live Action Role Players) who were engaged in a game involving an actual fairy.

Watch As Time Goes By. Episode 12 of Season 8.

12. As Time Goes By


Sam and Dean are stunned when a man who claims to be their grandfather, Henry Winchester, suddenly appears to stop a demon named Abbadon.

Watch Everybody Hates Hitler. Episode 13 of Season 8.

13. Everybody Hates Hitler


Sam and Dean investigate the death of a rabbi who spontaneously combusted. They soon learn that the rabbi was researching Nazi Necromancers.

Watch Trial and Error. Episode 14 of Season 8.

14. Trial and Error


Kevin finally deciphers the God tablet, telling Sam and Dean that one person must face a series of three tests designed by God.

Watch Man's Best Friend with Benefits. Episode 15 of Season 8.

15. Man's Best Friend with Benefits


A police officer, who turned to witchcraft after working a case with Sam and Dean, is plagued by nightmares in which he murders innocent people.

Watch Remember the Titans. Episode 16 of Season 8.

16. Remember the Titans


Sam and Dean are stumped when they investigate a possible zombie case where an amnesiac man dies and then revives himself once a day.

Watch Goodbye Stranger. Episode 17 of Season 8.

17. Goodbye Stranger


Castiel tells Sam and Dean that Crowley has unleashed several demons into a small town to search for Lucifer's Crypt, which holds a valuable asset.

Watch Freaks and Geeks. Episode 18 of Season 8.

18. Freaks and Geeks


Sam and Dean investigate some recent vampire kills and are surprised to learn that teenage hunter Krissy Chambers is involved.

Watch Taxi Driver. Episode 19 of Season 8.

19. Taxi Driver


Sam and Dean respond to Kevin, who is hearing Crowley's voice in his head. They later team up with a reaper to deal with the tablet's second trial.

Watch Pac-Man Fever. Episode 20 of Season 8.

20. Pac-Man Fever


Concerned about the toll the second trial took on Sam, Dean benches his brother until he heals up. Dean teaches Charlie to be a hunter-in-training.

Watch The Great Escapist. Episode 21 of Season 8.

21. The Great Escapist


After receiving a message from Kevin, Sam and Dean try to uncover the third trial. The boys make a discovery that sends them to a casino in Colorado.

Watch Clip Show. Episode 22 of Season 8.

22. Clip Show


As the third trial nears, Sam and Dean reunite with Castiel. They stumble upon an undiscovered film, which could be the key to the third trial.

Watch Sacrifice. Episode 23 of Season 8.

23. Sacrifice


What must Sam, Dean and Castiel sacrifice to seal the gates of Hell? With Kevin's help, the Winchester brothers have one last play against Crowley.

Release Year: 2005

Sam and Dean Winchester extend their crusade against malevolent supernatural spirits into a ninth season, full of new dangers and fresh adversaries.

Watch I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here. Episode 1 of Season 9.

1. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here


Devastated by Sam's collapse, Dean makes a pact with Ezekiel while his brother fights to live. Meanwhile, Castiel struggles to survive without powers.

Watch Devil May Care. Episode 2 of Season 9.

2. Devil May Care


Dean shocks Sam when he opens the Impala's trunk to reveal he's kidnapped the King of Hell. Meanwhile, Abaddon rises with plans to take over his role.

Watch I'm No Angel. Episode 3 of Season 9.

3. I'm No Angel


After Ezekiel tells Dean a group of angels is hunting Castiel, he and Sam race to find their friend before the vengeful angels do.

Watch Slumber Party. Episode 4 of Season 9.

4. Slumber Party


The brothers call in IT expert Charlie to help them track fallen angels, and they all join forces with Dorothy to stop the Wicked Witch's evil plans.

Watch Dog Dean Afternoon. Episode 5 of Season 9.

5. Dog Dean Afternoon


After a series of killings by a murderer with animal traits, Dean casts a spell to communicate with a German Shepherd -- with unfortunate side effects.

Watch Heaven Can't Wait. Episode 6 of Season 9.

6. Heaven Can't Wait


Dean and Castiel investigate a series of spontaneous human combustions, while Crowley helps Sam and Kevin translate an ancient tablet.

Watch Bad Boys. Episode 7 of Season 9.

7. Bad Boys


When an old friend of Dean's asks him to help solve a murder, Sam learns that Dean has a secret past -- one that will help them solve the crime.

Watch Rock and a Hard Place. Episode 8 of Season 9.

8. Rock and a Hard Place


Sheriff Mills calls the brothers to help solve the murder of a church chastity group's members. They infiltrate the group, then Dean disappears.

Watch Holy Terror. Episode 9 of Season 9.

9. Holy Terror


The angel war begins, so Sam, Dean and Castiel investigate; Castiel is captured and Dean wonders if he needs to come clean to Sam about Ezekiel.

Watch Road Trip. Episode 10 of Season 9.

10. Road Trip


Gadreel is still in control of Sam's body while on a murder spree for Metatron, but Dean, Castiel and Crowley have plans for an angel eviction.

Watch First Born. Episode 11 of Season 9.

11. First Born


Hoping to kill mutual enemy Abaddon, Dean and Crowley search for the "First Blade" and are stunned to find out its owner is Cain, the first son.

Watch Sharp Teeth. Episode 12 of Season 9.

12. Sharp Teeth


Garth is in the hospital after mutilating a cow and being hit by a car. They try to help him, but Garth runs away -- with a dark secret in tow.

Watch The Purge. Episode 13 of Season 9.

13. The Purge


The Winchesters head to a health spa where guests wind up dead -- and hundreds of pounds lighter. Sam and Dean suspect fat-sucking witchcraft.

Watch Captives. Episode 14 of Season 9.

14. Captives


Sam and Dean are stunned to discover that the Men of Letters's bunker is haunted. Meanwhile, Castiel is captured by Bartholomew.

Watch #thinman. Episode 15 of Season 9.

15. #thinman


When a teenage girl is killed, the final selfie she took before the attack shows a shadowy figure in the background. Can Dean and Sam find the ghost?

Watch Blade Runners. Episode 16 of Season 9.

16. Blade Runners


When Crowley confesses he's been injecting human blood, Sam and Dean enlist the help of a former member of the Men of Letters to find the First Blade.

Watch Mother's Little Helper. Episode 17 of Season 9.

17. Mother's Little Helper


With Sam looking into a town where good people are turning into violent killers, Dean confronts the aftereffects of having the Mark of Cain.

Watch Meta Fiction. Episode 18 of Season 9.

18. Meta Fiction


Metatron tries to persuade Castiel to join him, and the Winchesters finally capture Gadreel, who tries to play Dean's Mark of Cain against him.

Watch Alex Annie Alexis Ann. Episode 19 of Season 9.

19. Alex Annie Alexis Ann


When a prisoner is attacked by a vampire, Sheriff Mills calls Sam and Dean, who discover the victim was kidnapped by an entire vampire family.

Watch Bloodlines. Episode 20 of Season 9.

20. Bloodlines


The brothers investigate stories of Mafia-like monster families living under Chicago's streets and meet Ennis, a would-be hunter of monsters.

Watch King of the Damned. Episode 21 of Season 9.

21. King of the Damned


Castiel captures one of Metatron's angels and asks Sam and Dean for help. Meanwhile, Abaddon demands that Crowley help her kill Sam and Dean.

Watch Stairway to Heaven. Episode 22 of Season 9.

22. Stairway to Heaven


After a massive attack on the angels, Castiel calls the brothers for help. But Dean's eagerness to bring the First Blade doesn't go unnoticed.

Watch Do You Believe in Miracles?. Episode 23 of Season 9.

23. Do You Believe in Miracles?


Dean feels the effects of the First Blade, and Metatron makes his move against humanity. Meanwhile, Sam, Dean and Castiel face shocking consequences.

Release Year: 2005

The otherworldly saga continues as Sam fights to bring his brother back, Dean wrestles with the Mark of Cain and a mysterious witch shakes things up.

Watch Black. Episode 1 of Season 10.

1. Black


Sam's frantic search for his brother takes him down dangerous paths, while Dean lives it up with Crowley and Castiel faces his own mortality.

Watch Reichenbach. Episode 2 of Season 10.

2. Reichenbach


As Dean spins out of control, Crowley reaches out to Sam for help. Meanwhile, a man with a grudge plots revenge on Dean.

Watch Soul Survivor. Episode 3 of Season 10.

3. Soul Survivor


Facing mounting problems in hell, Crowley seeks out an unlikely ally in Castiel, while Sam's determined efforts to cure Dean hit a snag.

Watch Paper Moon. Episode 4 of Season 10.

4. Paper Moon


After a break from hunting, Sam and Dean investigate a string of werewolf attacks and settle on a surprising suspect.

Watch Fan Fiction. Episode 5 of Season 10.

5. Fan Fiction


While looking into a teacher's disappearance, Sam and Dean are stunned to discover her school is putting on a musical based on their lives.

Watch Ask Jeeves. Episode 6 of Season 10.

6. Ask Jeeves


Sam and Dean hit the road to collect a possible inheritance but find a surprise waiting for them once they reach their destination.

Watch Girls, Girls, Girls. Episode 7 of Season 10.

7. Girls, Girls, Girls


After discovering that powerful witch Rowena is recruiting followers, Sam and Dean come up with a plan to capture her. But they've got competition.

Watch Hibbing 911. Episode 8 of Season 10.

8. Hibbing 911


Sheriff Jody Mills calls on Sam and Dean to help with a grisly discovery near a sheriff's retreat, where she's paired with an overeager partner.

Watch The Things We Left Behind. Episode 9 of Season 10.

9. The Things We Left Behind


Guilt drives Castiel to track down his vessel's daughter and break her out of a group home. Elsewhere, Rowena tries to reach out to Crowley.

Watch The Hunter Games. Episode 10 of Season 10.

10. The Hunter Games


Desperate to find a cure for the Mark of Cain, Castiel comes up with a plan. But Sam and Dean don't like the sound of it -- at all.

Watch There's No Place Like Home. Episode 11 of Season 10.

11. There's No Place Like Home


After Sam stumbles across a video of Charlie Bradbury attacking a district attorney, the brothers track her down to find out why she's back from Oz.

Watch About a Boy. Episode 12 of Season 10.

12. About a Boy


The brothers travel to a town in Oregon where people are disappearing into thin air, and Dean finds out the hard way who's to blame.

Watch Halt & Catch Fire. Episode 13 of Season 10.

13. Halt & Catch Fire


When a vengeful spirit starts killing off a group of friends through their electronic devices, Sam and Dean race to find an explanation.

Watch The Executioner's Song. Episode 14 of Season 10.

14. The Executioner's Song


Cain's return leaves Sam, Dean and Castiel scrambling. But when Crowley agrees to help them, he finds himself in an awkward position.

Watch The Things They Carried. Episode 15 of Season 10.

15. The Things They Carried


While investigating a case involving two soldiers just back from Iraq, Sam and Dean run into Cole and reluctantly agree to let him help.

Watch Paint it Black. Episode 16 of Season 10.

16. Paint it Black


A string of grisly suicides leads Sam and Dean to a Catholic church in Massachusetts, while Crowley and Rowena target the head of the Grand Coven.

Watch Inside Man. Episode 17 of Season 10.

17. Inside Man


Sam and Castiel set out on a mission to find a cure for the Mark of Cain, and Crowley's relationship with Rowena is put to the test.

Watch Book of the Damned. Episode 18 of Season 10.

18. Book of the Damned


When Charlie calls to say she's found the Book of the Damned, the brothers race to meet her. But someone else is hot on her trail too.

Watch The Werther Project. Episode 19 of Season 10.

19. The Werther Project


The search for a magical box that could help decode the Book of the Damned leads the brothers into danger.

Watch Angel Heart. Episode 20 of Season 10.

20. Angel Heart


Castiel and the brothers try to help Claire Novak find her missing mother in Oklahoma but discover a troubling connection.

Watch Dark Dynasty. Episode 21 of Season 10.

21. Dark Dynasty


A familiar tattoo leads the brothers deeper into the world of the Styne family, and Castiel plays referee between Charlie and Rowena.

Watch The Prisoner. Episode 22 of Season 10.

22. The Prisoner


A devastated Dean plots revenge on the Styne family, while Sam reawakens Crowley's dark side.

Watch Brother's Keeper. Episode 23 of Season 10.

23. Brother's Keeper


Realizing that the Mark of Cain has pushed him too far, Dean makes a drastic decision, while Rowena readies a spell that could have huge consequences.

Release Year: 2005

Dean seems to have exorcised his demons for good. But in their place, a new darkness emerges, one that perhaps even God himself can't stop.

Watch Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire. Episode 1 of Season 11.

1. Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire


After releasing the Darkness, Sam and Dean encounter a mysterious new entity who's more powerful than any angel.

Watch Form and Void. Episode 2 of Season 11.

2. Form and Void


Crowley seems to have plans for baby Amara, who displays startling powers. An infected Sam races to find a cure for the toxic fallout of the Darkness.

Watch The Bad Seed. Episode 3 of Season 11.

3. The Bad Seed


Rowena tries to recruit witches, while Castiel struggles to control the attack-dog spell coursing through his veins. Amara feeds -- and grows.

Watch Baby. Episode 4 of Season 11.

4. Baby


Shot entirely from within the Impala, this episode follows Sam and Dean as they hunt a ghoul-like creature and try to make sense of an ominous dream.

Watch Thin Lizzie. Episode 5 of Season 11.

5. Thin Lizzie


Sam and Dean investigate murders at a hotel devoted to Lizzie Borden, but the paranormal signs all seem to be fake -- until they dig deeper.

Watch Our Little World. Episode 6 of Season 11.

6. Our Little World


A teen who's lost her soul leads Dean to Crowley and a fast-growing Amara. Castiel sees an old acquaintance on TV, stuck in an earthly body.

Watch Plush. Episode 7 of Season 11.

7. Plush


Sam and Dean can't make heads or tails of a murder committed by a young man wearing a large bunny mask that won't come off.

Watch Just My Imagination. Episode 8 of Season 11.

8. Just My Imagination


Sam's imaginary friend from childhood pops up to alert the Winchesters to a grisly crime scene invisible to the human world.

Watch O Brother Where Art Thou?. Episode 9 of Season 11.

9. O Brother Where Art Thou?


Amara unleashes a brutal attack on preachers to get God's attention. Meanwhile, Sam decides to set up a meeting in Lucifer's cage.

Watch The Devil in the Details. Episode 10 of Season 11.

10. The Devil in the Details


Lucifer offers Sam a deal during a tense encounter in the cage. When the fallout from the smiting sidelines Dean, Castiel checks on Amara's fate.

Watch Into the Mystic. Episode 11 of Season 11.

11. Into the Mystic


Sam and Dean encounter a being that seems to drive its victims insane with its ghastly wails before devouring their brains.

Watch Don't You Forget About Me. Episode 12 of Season 11.

12. Don't You Forget About Me


Claire asks Sam and Dean to look into some fishy disappearances, but Jody warns them that Claire herself has been acting strange lately.

Watch Love Hurts. Episode 13 of Season 11.

13. Love Hurts


Sam and Dean tackle a Valentine's Day mystery involving a nervous husband, a distressed wife and a babysitter whose heart was ripped out of her chest.

Watch The Vessel. Episode 14 of Season 11.

14. The Vessel


Unaware that Lucifer is pulling the strings, the Winchesters have Castiel send Dean back in time to a doomed WWII submarine to retrieve a Hand of God.

Watch Beyond the Mat. Episode 15 of Season 11.

15. Beyond the Mat


Sam and Dean take a break to attend a wrestling match. But the fun ends when a man is found dead at the venue, an ancient mark carved into his chest.

Watch Safe House. Episode 16 of Season 11.

16. Safe House


Past and present collide when Sam and Dean investigate a strange attack in an old house and learn that Bobby and Rufus were there years earlier.

Watch Red Meat. Episode 17 of Season 11.

17. Red Meat


After a werewolf hunt goes wrong, Dean ends up in a hospital and takes a drastic step in hopes of negotiating with a Reaper.

Watch Hell's Angel. Episode 18 of Season 11.

18. Hell's Angel


Still in Castiel's body, Lucifer makes a play for Heaven and intimidates the angels into working for him. Crowley hatches a plan to stop Amara.

Watch The Chitters. Episode 19 of Season 11.

19. The Chitters


While looking into reports of a girl carried off by green-eyed mutants, Sam and Dean get help from two hunters who want revenge on the creatures.

Watch Don't Call Me Shurley. Episode 20 of Season 11.

20. Don't Call Me Shurley


While Amara unleashes another dangerous fog on a small town, Metatron finds himself transported to a bar for a meeting with God.

Watch All in the Family. Episode 21 of Season 11.

21. All in the Family


After an eye-opening meeting with God, the Winchesters set out on an unlikely mission to rescue Lucifer.

Watch We Happy Few. Episode 22 of Season 11.

22. We Happy Few


God reveals to Lucifer why he was chosen to bear the Mark. The Winchesters team up with angels, demons and witches in an attempt to seal away Amara.

Watch Alpha and Omega. Episode 23 of Season 11.

23. Alpha and Omega


The team scrambles to form a plan that can stop Amara and preserve the universe, but one of them will have to make a big sacrifice.

Release Year: 2005

Lucifer’s power grows. Meanwhile, the miraculous revival of Sam and Dean’s mother leads to a head-on clash with the merciless British Men of Letters.

Watch Keep Calm and Carry On. Episode 1 of Season 12.

1. Keep Calm and Carry On


As Crowley conducts a desperate search for Lucifer’s vessel, Dean must come to grips with an unbelievable sight: the return of his mother.

Watch Mamma Mia. Episode 2 of Season 12.

2. Mamma Mia


A reluctant Dean brings Mary along on a mission to rescue Sam. Crowley receives word that Lucifer has possessed the body of an aging rock star.

Watch The Foundry. Episode 3 of Season 12.

3. The Foundry


Mary and the boys explore an old house astir with the sounds of a crying baby. Cas is less than thrilled when he’s forced to partner up with Crowley.

Watch American Nightmare. Episode 4 of Season 12.

4. American Nightmare


After several victims are whipped to death by an unseen force, Sam and Dean begin to suspect a deeply religious family that lives off the grid.

Watch The One You've Been Waiting For. Episode 5 of Season 12.

5. The One You've Been Waiting For


Time ticks away as a clan of Nazi necromancers plots to unleash Adolf Hitler’s captive soul from an enchanted gold pocket watch.

Watch Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox. Episode 6 of Season 12.

6. Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox


An assortment of hunters gather to commemorate a fallen brother, but Sam and Dean soon realize that a demon has come to kill them all.

Watch Rock Never Dies. Episode 7 of Season 12.

7. Rock Never Dies


Castiel and Crowley close in on Lucifer as the fallen angel realizes his new rock-star vessel allows him to get fans to do whatever he wants.

Watch LOTUS. Episode 8 of Season 12.



Rowena and Winchesters join Castiel and Crowley when Lucifer’s path of terror intensifies -- and leads all the way to the White House.

Watch First Blood. Episode 9 of Season 12.

9. First Blood


Sam and Dean desperately seek an escape route after being placed in a high-level government facility for attempting to assassinate the president.

Watch Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets. Episode 10 of Season 12.

10. Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets


A woman whose family was killed by code-following angels in the year 1901 is out for revenge in the present day, and Cas is next on her list.

Watch Regarding Dean. Episode 11 of Season 12.

11. Regarding Dean


When Dean falls under a memory-erasing spell and rapidly loses his sense of self, Sam’s only hope is Rowena and an ancient, powerful coven of witches.

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