Growing California video series: Almond Futures


Dec 27, 2011

Next time you want a snack, consider grabbing a few handfuls of almonds. One serving--23 almonds (1 oz) --has 162 calories, and these tree nuts offer up plenty of protein, fiber and heart-healthy fats.

Almonds are packed with protein; in fact, one serving provides 6g of protein, making them especially nutritious for vegetarians, who miss out on protein from animal sources. Adding them to salads, rice, oatmeal and yogurt will increase the protein count of the meal. A serving of almonds contains 3g of fiber. Fiber is a digestive aid, makes you feel full, and is known to help aid the prevention of diabetes.

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Sure, they do have some fat, about 14g.

Video: What Will Happen If You Eat 20 Almonds Every Day?

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2019 year
2019 year - Almonds pictures

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Almonds picture

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Almonds new images

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images Almonds

Watch Almonds video
Watch Almonds video

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