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Hello everyone!
Today’s review is about Schwarzkopf Got2B Made4Mess Sculpting Spritz. I have naturally curly hair, but. There are times when I miss my. The straight hair looks sleek and is easy to maintain but you can create more looks with curly hair. I love the tousled effect on hair. Right now, most of the celebrities are sporting it too. It’s a perfect hairdo for summers. It’s perfect for office and for parties also. I tried this look few days back with smokey eyes and it looked perfect. I had used this sculpting spray that I am reviewing today and here are the results.
Schwarzkopf Got2B Made4Mess Sculpting Spritz Review

€2.75 for 150ml/approximately INR 200 for 150ml

Product Description:
• For creative Undone looks that survive an untamed lifestyle : The modeling spray made4mess of got2b awakens the artist in you and ensures defined textures and wild creations.
• Schwarzkopf got2b Made4Mess Sculpting Spritz
• Messy styles
• Defined texture
• Tousled effect
• Hold 4

Aqua, VP/VA Copolymer PEG-8, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Glycerin, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Lactic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Parfum, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Benzyl Alcohol, Citronellol

My Experience with Schwarzkopf Got2B Made4Mess Sculpting Spritz:

The packaging is very colorful and catchy. I love the way it stands out by being colorful. It looks so fun and I was attracted towards it. It comes in a plastic spray bottle. It’s as big as a deo spray with a nozzle. The nozzle looks very hi-fi. The spray nozzle is good and the product comes out in a very fine spray form.


The consistency of the product is just like that of water. It’s also transparent. The fragrance is one thing which I hate about this. It’s too strong, overwhelming and smells more like. I was not expecting such a strong fragrance and after spraying I went close to smell and was taken back. It’s too strong! After spraying on the hair, the smell lasts for at least a few hours.


Here is how I used this product. I washed my hair well and did not condition it as conditioning weighs the hair down. I then towel dried my hair and used a wax kind of product to my hair. Then I sectioned my hair into small buns and tightened the buns with. Then I used a hair drier over the bun for few minutes. Then, I removed the bobby pins and ran my fingers carefully to create a little more volume. Finally, I sprayed the Schwarzkopf Got2B Made4Mess Sculpting Spritz starting at the midlength.


The spray helped the tousle hold the texture and shape for the entire evening. The best part is that the spray doesn’t weigh the hair down. If you have you need not do all the things mentioned above as you can directly use the spray on wet or toweled hair and run your fingers and then air dry your hair naturally. The spray did not damage or dry my hair in any way. Also, the holding capacity of the product is pretty good.


Overall, it’s a good product for the cost. I don’t tend to use it regularly and hence did not want to invest in an expensive product. But, for once in a while usage, the product is good enough. It was also easy to wash off and my hair was back to normal. A few hair sprays leave a layer on the hair. This is not the case here. The spray felt more natural and did not harden the hair artificially (look wise).

Pros of Schwarzkopf Got2B Made4Mess Sculpting Spritz:

Stylish and catchy packaging
• Doesn’t weigh down the hair
• Doesn’t leave the hair oily
• The strength to hold is pretty good
• Doesn’t damage the hair
• Spray nozzle is well made
• Perfect for creating a
• Lightweight spray

Cons of Schwarzkopf Got2B Made4Mess Sculpting Spritz:

• Very strongly perfumed
• Can smell the chemicals

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Schwarzkopf Got2B Made4Mess Sculpting Spritz?
I don’t think I will finish the spray I own. I am not much into hair styling.

Would I Recommend Schwarzkopf Got2B Made4Mess Sculpting Spritz?
If you love creating different things with your hair, then you must own this one. Please make sure to smell the product before you buy it. The fragrance is pretty strong and not very pleasing (at least to me).

Schwarzkopf Got2B Anti-Frizz Lotion

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